Super Cool Science S#!t Chapter Structure | Earn HIVE For Helping Me Fill In The Blanks!


Super Cool Science S#!t could use your help!

I made a temporary cover until I can hire a designer 😁

If you've been following me for any amount of time, you very likely already know about the Super Cool Science S#!t series I've been writing for over 3 years on the blockchain.
I've recently decided to turn the series into a real book when I reach 50 SCSS posts!

I figured it would make it a bit easier to plan the rest of the series if I went ahead and laid out the "chapter structure" for the book. I knew with 50 posts, I'd want to split them into 10 chapters containing 5 topics each. Using what I already have as a starting point, I've come up with "categories" for each chapter, and have begun the process of organizing the existing posts into said categories.

I've got 22 more posts to write before compiling, editing, and publishing them, and honestly, I have no idea what those 22 posts are going to be about...

That's where you come in if you're up to the challenge. I'm opening the floor to suggestions for great topics to include in the series. The only chapter I have all 5 topics for is "Outer Space", and I even split the space topics into two chapters, and moved 'The Exponential Expansion' over to Chapter 9 because I realized I got a little "spaced out" and wrote too many. The series isn't just "Super Cool Space S#!t'...

​I've got ideas for some of the blank spaces, but nothing is set in stone until it's written and published. Take a gander at the list below, and if you think you have the perfect topic to fill one of the empty spots in a given chapter, drop a comment below.
If I choose your suggested topic to write an SCSS about, you will be set as a 20% beneficiary, and get mentioned in the post!

Without further ado, here's the series as it stands:


I already said I went a little overboard on the space posts, so I had to split them into two chapters so they'd all be even. Chapter 1 will cover "space" topics that are a little closer to home, "home" being either Earth, the Solar System, or the Milky Way... The first two pieces are about comets/asteroids, then one about Andromeda closing in on our galaxy, and an explanation of auroras. I'll need to write one more to finish up the chapter, and I'd like to keep it centered around the Earth seeing as most of the others are a little further away.


Inner Space... Outer Space... Clever, huh? πŸ€¦β€β™‚ These chapter names are subject to change during the editing stage, so if you've got a better suggestion for any of them, I can probably throw you a few HIVE for helping. Chapter 2 will cover some of the "bigger" and further out space topics like nebulas, different types of stars, and black holes. This is the only chapter I know I have all the topics for.


Chapter 3 will cover topics related to the body. I've already got one about Breastfeeding and the eyeball, as well as a question that was posed by a friend about the age-old rumor that you should pee on a jellyfish sting to make the pain stop. I've got an idea for a piece about the science of probiotics, but if you've got something better, let me know!


Chapter 4 will explore the science behind some of the foods we eat every day! From an in-depth look at salt and honey to an explanation of why onions make you cry when they're cut. I want to include a piece explaining the science of spicy food and why it's "hot", but I'll need one last topic to round out the chapter.


Chapter 5 is all about... Light. None of this would be possible without photons, and there are plenty of topics on the subject!
I have an idea to write a piece about Gravitational Lensing (seeing objects behind black holes and galaxies), and maybe one about Fiber Optics, but I'll still need at least one more topic that centers around the tiny particles/waves that allow us to observe the wonderful world around us.


'Crazy Chemicals' was the first "sub-series" I started way back before I decided to turn this into a book. Chapter 6 will explore some of the most interesting chemicals known to man, from the most explosive to the most poisonous, and everything in between!
I want to write a sort of "satirical" piece about the "dangers" of dihydrogen monoxide (H2O), but I'll still need a couple more to round out the chapter.
Think along the lines of "The most _____ chemical" for ideas.


This one was sort of impromptu because I couldn't fit these topics into the other chapters. I've written a few entries for a different series called "What the Tech?!" that covers new and interesting technologies, but Chapter 7 will explain the science that goes into some of the craziest technologies used or created by scientists. Genetic Engineering and propelling things with magnets are a good start, and I have an idea to write a piece about particle accelerators like the LHC. What technology can you think of that requires a good amount of science?


The second sub-series I created, 'Accidental Assertations' is all about scientific discoveries that were made inadvertently. The microwave oven came about because a man working a radar system realized it melted the chocolate in his pocket... Science isn't always about knowing what you're doing, and sometimes we learn new things when trying to do something else!


Terrible name aside, Chapter 9 will cover a few "obscure" concepts and theories. The idea that atoms are 99%+ empty space, the universe is expanding faster and faster every day, and a formula for determining the potential likelihood of aliens all fall under this subject. I'm thinking of tackling the topic of String Theory here, but let's see what you guys can come up with.


Another terrible chapter name, I plan to wrap up the book covering topics directly related to Earth and all its wonders. From lakes that blow up like a can of soda being opened to "water bears", Chapter 10 is all about the science of Earth and its contents, both alive and otherwise.

I won't limit the number of suggestions I take from any one person, though I will spread them out if multiple people have great ideas. If you've got more than one suggestion for a topic, by all means, drop 'em on me!

The series won't "end" when I reach 50 posts, but rather, I intend to eventually publish 51-100 as 'Volume 2', but let's not get ahead of ourselves, and finish this list first...

Thanks for reading!


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