Solar Energy: What are Benefits and Drawbacks?

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Hello friends,

Today I want to share things about a valuable energy source in our life, Solar Energy.

Solar energy is basically energy from the Sun and is received on Earth and can be converted into other forms of energy. Solar energy is commonly used to generate electricity or thermal energy. The Sun provides energy that affects the climate on Earth and enables the subsistence of all forms of life. It is a natural source of energy and is freely available. Studies in solar energy has been done in the pursuit of methods of harvesting energy from the sun and its use. Some forms of energy that are already in use exist because of the Sun. An example is Wind energy, which is still derived from wind in nature, the wind develops due to high temperature and temperature fluctuations. The Sun plays a central role in terms of the energy being used in the world.


Applications of Solar energy:

In the modern world, solar energy has important applications that are being used. Solar energy applications are both domestic and industrial. Domestic uses of solar energy do not require the harvesting of large amounts of solar energy compared to industrial uses. Domestic applications include solar cookers, solar hot water systems and air conditioners while industrial applications of solar energy include power generation.

Solar cooking is one of the applications in which solar energy is harvested and redirected to produce heat energy for cooking purposes. Solar water heaters have become common applications that are being used everywhere. The water heating system is designed to harvest heat energy from the sun. The same principles have been applied in air conditioning, space cooling and heating, and solar vehicles. Solar energy has produced electricity that enables light and other functions.


With the ever-increasing advancements in technology and industrialization, discoveries in solar energy applications will increase. Solar energy can be very important in everything, it is just that we do not know how to implement it.

Benefits of Solar Energy:

Solar energy has been widely used around the world and its importance has been realized. Solar energy is unbreakable and renewable. Solar energy will never end in life and that is why it is an important source of energy in the world. Solar energy applications continuously use energy that is renewable without much conflict.

Solar energy is free from expenses because it is naturally acquired. The only costs relate to those applications and the structure. However, the cost of these devices is low compared to the cost of using other sources of energy.

Solar energy does not cause any form of environmental pollution. The process of generating solar energy does not involve any chemicals or products that may cause pollution to the environment. It is a clean form of energy and its use promotes environmental cleanliness.


Due to the ease of availability of solar energy, it can be used in both rural and urban areas. In rural areas, people are usually challenged because the installation of electricity is a problem but with the use of solar energy, most people have access to electricity and save on costs.

Drawbacks of Solar energy:

As important and profitable as solar energy is, there are some factors that make it harmful. One of those factors is the extent of daytime usage. Solar energy can only be maximized during the day as the sun shines during the day. Also, the equipment used to harvest solar energy is expensive and fragile. Thee equipment includes panels, solar collectors and solar cells. All these devices are very fragile and require great care to avoid damage as replacement costs are high.

Solar energy requires large locations to collect enough energy for use in various solar applications. The collection of solar energy involves covering a large area through the use of large solar panels, solar collectors, and cells so that more substantial energy can be collected.

Solar power is dependent on the sun and cannot be deployed where there is least sunlight. This means that solar energy is limited to areas with sufficient amount of sun energy. During seasons such as winter, the use of solar energy is completely impossible and therefore other forms of energy have to be explored.

Photovoltaic system

Solar energy can never be an independent source of energy in the world. It is basically an alternative source of energy at the facility, namely, during summer, especially during the day. In your summer house you can choose to use solar energy and then use electricity for the rest of the seasons. For countries that do not experience seasonal changes in the climate, this is very convenient and can be an independent source of energy for them.

The use of solar energy is specific to devices that do not consume large amounts of current such as in calculators.


Solar energy is an important source of energy. Advances in technology have given rise to innovations in applications of solar energy that greatly help humans. This has been a major era of modern society under which solar energy has been appreciated through its applications. Uses of solar energy are similar to other sources of energy. Everything has its pros and cons and solar power is no different. The pros of solar power outpaced the opposition and that is why its use has been maintained for years.

However, the limitations of solar power should not be ignored. These limitations are hindering the expansion of the use of solar energy in the world. It is important that solar energy is widely used as energy due to its environmentally friendly feature. Other forms of energy especially fuel pollute the environment highly. Not only does the environment have to save priority in using solar energy, but also the fact that solar energy is independent, renewable and unbreakable.


Thanks for taking out your valuable time to read. Hope you like it.

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