Upgrading the hard drives: Going from 750gb to 6tb

in StemSocial7 months ago (edited)

When I built this computer a few years back I was worried 750GB drives would not be enough. And just as I thought they became an issue as I started depending on them more. I decided to upgrade them and add about 10x more capacity.


I've been playing musical chairs with my data, moving them off the PC onto an external drive but I'm really getting tired of looking for data all over the place.


The 750gb disks are still good, no errors. Just a little too small for my needs at this point. I almost deleted some unpublished Mason Bee footage while trying to clear up space so I figured I really need to stop playing around and just upgrade

A few years back these 6tb drives would have been pretty expensive. Now a days they are about $150 each. I got two of them so I can run a RAID 1 and mirror them. This way if a drive fails I'll still have a copy of the data on the other drive.


Taking the old drives out was easy using a tool-less system. Though I had to move the drives over to the new enclosures which I needed a screw driver for.


Got them in and hooked up the sata cables and power cables.


I hooked the computer up to the monitor keyboard and mouse and got about to booting up. I needed to initialize the new disks and form them into a RAID. That's a term when you take multiple disks but make them look like a single disk to the operating system. There are many configs, different ones for different needs.


After inputting the values I needed to save. And that became a problem, my f10 key was not working...


Dont mind the worn off keys. I know where they are in my head. But for whatever reason I could not get the f10 key to work.


I had to find another keyboard and plug it in just to press f10.. hah I never seem to see these issues coming.

After that it was smooth sailing, I put my PC back in its spot in the desk. I booted up and formatted the RAID-1 in the OS. Took about 6 hours to move my data back on the machine. Was close to 600GB of data using it 3/4 of the 750GB formatted space. The new disks are 5400 RPM and were pretty slow to write. But that's fine, this computer is not my gaming rig where I want fast load times. It's mostly photo editing, light video editing and mostly blog work and business matters on this computer. So space is more important than speed. I would have got the 7200rpm drives if needed more speed, or spanned some SSDs in RAID-0.


That's a nice storage bump... You will be peaceful for some time with 6TB!

Hah yeah I think so too.. should last me a few years unless I go on a huge photography run.

I hear you there... lol... Only the SD Card is the limit... until you transfer data to the computer... and than it's time for the another turn... lol...

Hah luckily my memory card on my DSLRs are pretty big. Glad to finally have hard drive space with more than my cameras storage.

Nice! But won't you need to upgrade the RAM as well? 750 GB to 6 TB is not such a huge difference, it seems. Would the CPU fan also be able to handle such a huge bump?

Yeah I got about 16gb of Ram so that's enough for my non gaming machine.

I plan on upgrading the CPU and motherboard soon so that's next.

Thats really a huge upgrade
I guess the system would be obviously superfast as long you Also complement this upgrade with RAM adjustment I suppose

Yeah almost 10x the storage now. Should be nice and roomy for awhile.

My computer has about 16gb of RAM and I dont do much on it that would use it all up at the moment.

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