Call for Project Proposals on Covid-19 and Distributed Ledger Technologies


The Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT) at University College London (UCL) in the aim to foster the adoption of DLT in society launches its second call for research proposals

Submissions open from 13 May 2020 to 18 July 2020 (24:00 UK time)

Research topics

  • DLT for Charity – New money distribution channels and control tools
  • DLT for remote governance
  • Central bank digital currency and other digital form of fiat money to directly sustain the real economy
  • Decentralize finance and liquidity injection mechanisms
  • Blockchain solutions in healthcare and medical records
  • Blockchain solutions in distributed research efforts
  • Blockchain solutions for supply chains
  • Emerging technologies for privacy-enhanced governments monitor
  • DLT for the management of surveillance mechanisms in respect of individual freedom
  • Technology policy, social bonds and societal breakdown
  • Interplay between crypto currencies, global trades, and financial markets in the time of pandemics
  • DLT, social networks and the spread of (mis)information during lockdown

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