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RE: Indepth Study and Insight into Wrinkle formation; Age Dependent or hereditary?

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I knew about skin wrinkling from sun exposure. I've skin pictures of truckers whose face was smooth on one side but wrinkled on the side continuously exposed to the sun.

I learned from your article that sleeping habits play a role in wrinkles. Wow, I didn't think to consider it. I'm usually all over the place until my back started getting worse. I now sleep on my sides or back. Though, to be honest, I doubt I will sleep comfortably on my side after reading your article, lol.

What about sleep deprivation, though? There was plenty of it to go around in the military. In my civilian life, there isn't much sleep to go around, either.
I look forward to more of your enlightening articles.

Has there been any research into reversing the formation of wrinkles at a genetic level? I apologize for so many questions.


Thanks s much @scholaris for your valuable feedback and comments.
I cant say much about sleep deprivation Because no evidence has been found associating it with Wrinkles formation.

Though it could be linked considering the fact that Sleep deprivation is also a form of stress and this can ultimately lead to oxidative stress and faster aging.

For now, there is no Research to my best of knowledge regarding reversing the formation of wrinkles at the genetic level..

Thank you for responding! I’m surprised testing hasn’t reached that point yet. I would imagine that the search for the fountain of youth would push us to achieve this goal. I’m glad, and yet sad, that we aren’t there. Sad because I don’t want the effects of aging to hinder my loved ones, but glad that temperance guides our hands. The rush to results usually ends in calamity.

Regardless, one thing is certain..aging is inevitable. As much as we try to delay it, it will still catch up on us 😆