Microwave radiation / Structuring the electromagnetic spectrum

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First of all my respectful greeting to all the academic and scientific community of Hive.blog, especially to #stemsocial, #curie, #ocd, in this opportunity we will analyze in a general way to the spectral fraction of the microwave radiation, belonging to our essential and wonderful electromagnetic spectrum.


We continue structuring our essential electromagnetic spectrum, where, we start from our referential spectral fraction such as the white or visible light, this referential fraction has allowed us to expand our knowledge in relation to everything related to the vital phenomenon of light, and even those radiations imperceptible to our natural optical systems (eyes), from this type of radiation we have already analyzed the wonderful ultraviolet, infrared and X rays.

The previous radiations in spite of not being able to visualize them, in many occasions we can feel their effect in our skin, as it happens with the ultraviolet rays and the infrared ones, in relation to the X rays, these we can neither see nor feel them, this takes us to have greater care at the moment of our exhibition to the same ones, therefore, the X rays have greater amount of energy that the ultraviolet rays and infrared, since this is related to the wavelength, and therefore, the energy of these radiations will be inversely proportional to their wavelength.

Let's remember my dear readers, that as in the previous analyses related to radiations of the electromagnetic spectrum, we have used geometrical optics, and with it its wonderful conceptualization of a luminous ray whose propagation is in a straight line, besides, in the same way we will continue leaning on fundamental principles of physical optics and its essential wavelengths, with the purpose of complementing the proposed analysis.

From the previous article referring to X-rays and their great energetic charge, in this opportunity we will jump to the other side of our electromagnetic spectrum, that is to say, to the right side of our referential spectral fraction (white or visible light) according to our electromagnetic spectrum figure, therefore, towards those radiations with greater wavelengths than the corresponding to our referential fraction, this characteristic makes the energy of the radiation to be studied to be less than that belonging to the white light as well as to the previous radiations already analyzed.

It is important to remember that X-rays, due to their great amount of energy belong to the family of ionizing radiations, and with this they can affect some tissue and make it lose part of its energetic charge and in this way separate electrons from the component atoms of the molecules of these tissues and thus transform them into ions.

Exposed the previous thing, we can express that in this occasion we will analyze the microwave radiation, and the same ones by their low energy level do not belong to the family of ionizing radiations, and this as we have expressed is related to its wavelength, for example, in this case (microwaves) its length is greater than the wavelength related to our reference spectrum (white or visible light), therefore, this type of radiation like our white light are not ionizing.

It is always important to have caution in relation to the exposure of these radiations to our body, even though they are not ionizing, and this is mainly due to the fact that they are imperceptible to our eyes, although sometimes we can feel their effect on our skin (ultraviolet and infrared rays), it will not always be this way, the important thing is that through the field of science-technology we have been able to take advantage of these radiations whether they are ionizing or not.

Until now we have been able to carry out some homemade practices of easy access with the purpose of being able to verify so much their action as their presence among us, and in this opportunity we will be able to carry out a small but significant practical experience through a microwave oven, this experience will consist of placing a damaged bulb inside the same one, and this way to be able to observe the generation of microwaves and the energetic effect that it will cause in the bulb.

It is important to emphasize that this type of radiation has several applications, for example, we have been able to communicate at great distances thanks to the action of this type of electromagnetic radiation, and in our modernity even more due to the massive use of cell phones, therefore, the application of this type of radiation has turned out to be very beneficial in the area of communication and in the generation of heat through the microwave ovens found in our homes.

The Microwaves

The microwave radiations are components of our essential electromagnetic spectrum, and they belong to the family of non-ionizing radiations and also those that our natural optical systems (eyes) cannot visualize, this characteristic of invisibility has not stopped the enormous work of the man to go in search of the understanding of these electromagnetic radiations, and as we have already expressed to place this type of energy to the disposition of all the humanity.

Like the other analyses we will use the spectral fraction of white or visible light as our reference point, and in this way we have structured our spectrum, where, to the left we find the radiations already analyzed like the ultraviolet rays and the energetic X rays, and in addition to the gamma rays these slopes to analyze, to the right of this spectral reference we find the radiations of greater wavelength and with it to those of smaller frequency, in this group already we knew to the infrared rays and in this opportunity we will know to the microwave radiation.

It is important to relate our referential spectral portion with that of microwaves, therefore, we can say that microwaves become invisible to our eyes because they possess little energy charge and with it our vision cannot manage to capture or visualize it, this is undoubtedly linked to the fact of their wavelength, since their energy is lower when their wavelength increases, that is, an aspect that is inversely proportional.

The space or spectral fraction of microwave radiation is found between the portion corresponding to infrared rays and radio waves, that is, between these two electromagnetic spectral fractions we can locate the microwaves, being in this place makes them belong to non-ionizing radiation, because they have less energy than radiation with shorter wavelengths such as x-rays and gamma rays, the latter are ionizing radiation.

It is important to be able to express that we have been able to structure or to order our spectrum with all those waves evidently of electromagnetic type and according to their energy, emphasizing in addition that all these waves mobilize or propagate at speed of the white or visible light, being differentiated these rays or radiations by their length of waves, their frequency and consequently by their energy.

To continue deepening in relation to our essential electromagnetic spectrum, we can express that a certain electromagnetic wave is that which propagates through space (material or elastic medium and also through vacuum) with certain components both electrical and magnetic, hence its characteristics, where these components will oscillate perpendicularly to each other and whose directionality is rectilinear, as well as propagating visible light, which is our reference point, as we can see in the following figure 1.

Figure 1. Perpendicular propagation between electric and magnetic fields with rectilinear direction


It is always important to be able to observe the action of microwave radiation in our homes, and therefore, we will use an oven that uses microwaves to transmit heat (heating) to certain foods in our homes, but this radiation is not possible to visualize with the naked eye because it is outside the visible spectral range, due to its longer wavelength, and thus less frequency and energy than the fraction of white or visible light, this leads us to the following question:

Can we observe or capture the effects of microwave radiation in our homes?

When we remove a plate or container with food from the interior of a microwave oven, we would notice the heat emitted by said food, and with this we are witnesses of the effects originated by said radiation, therefore, these electrical appliances use a magnetron to generate the microwaves, this allows said oven to cook or heat certain foods because it makes the water molecules vibrate and rotate (with the radiation) as well as other components present in said food introduced in the interior of the same.

Due to the vibrations and rotations described above, the heat that obviously heats the food is generated, this allows us to visualize one of the effects of this type of radiation in our homes, however, it is important to be able to observe other visible effects through the use of microwaves, as we can see in each of the following figures.




In the previous figures they could observe a small practical experience, where, we verified the presence or action of the electromagnetic microwaves in a damaged led bulb, nevertheless, to the exhibition of this bulb to this type of radiation we saw like the same one could emit luminous rays which our eyes could catch.

When we focus on our environment we can notice that it is influenced by this type of electromagnetic waves, which we also use in other electronic devices of great utility for all of us, such as cellular phones, and these devices have allowed us to communicate effectively over long distances. This characteristic has turned microwaves into essential electromagnetic tools for our development, as we can see in the following figure 2.

Figure 2. Microwave spectrum in communications


Microwave spectrum

Microwaves belong to the family of electromagnetic radiation, and whose behavior is similar to the radiation of visible light, however, both spectra differ in their wavelengths, frequency and of course in their energetic quantity, in this way it is possible to locate the spectral fraction of these small waves ordered between the spectral portion of infrared rays and radio waves.

In this way, microwaves have a longer wavelength than those referred to infrared rays, but, a shorter wavelength with respect to those corresponding to radio waves, therefore, microwaves are electromagnetic radiations and invisible to our eyes, as well as ultraviolet, infrared and X-ray rays, below you can observe the spectral portion of these microwaves in the following figure 3.

Figure 3. Spectral portion of the microwaves


In the previous figure 3, we can visualize the place or spectral fraction of the microwave radiation, whose wavelength and frequency make that electromagnetic radiation is imperceptible to our gaze, but this does not influence so that we can use them in diverse activities that we carry out, like those analyzed previously.


With the following article we continue structuring our essential electromagnetic spectrum, so far we have analyzed our reference fraction (white or visible light), ultraviolet light, infrared rays, X-rays, and this time to rays or microwave radiation, all these electromagnetic radiation with particular characteristics or properties, and which have been important for the development of our societies.

As for the microwaves we could observe their action in our homes through a small but important practical experience, in addition to the already known microwave oven used for the transmission of heat to the food that we introduce inside it, highlighting another essential application in the area of telecommunications as we expressed in the development of this article.

We can say, that any of us has been able to implement these electromagnetic radiation in their lives, or at least has witnessed its application, this thanks to the great advances in the scientific-technological area, the important thing and that it is necessary to emphasize, is that through the understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum we have become even more familiar with our natural environment, and thus, achieving at the same time facilitate the development of countless activities of our daily lives.

Until another delivery my appreciated readers of Hive.blog, specially to the members of the great community of #Stemsocial, which receives the support of another wonderful community like #curie, reason why I recommend widely to be part of this exemplary project, since they allow us to emphasize the wonderful task of the academy and the enormous work of all the field of science.

Note: Some images were elaborated by means of Power Point, and the animated gif was elaborated with the application of PhotoScape, the photostatic images were captured by the optical instrument (camera) of the cell phone ZTE BLU Life Play 2.

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