Busting Ocular Myths (01)

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Hello Dear Reader;

Welcome once again to my blog, I hope you and your families are staying safe. With recent news of successful human trials of the corona virus vaccine the world is starting to smile again. Today I want to talk briefly about some ocular myths that people may have come across.

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Every blessed day we hear new things, we learn new things and whiles some of these information may be true and even important to our daily live and growth some of them are misconceptions and misconstrued information that people may have broadcast so much so that the lies start to sound more like the truth.

I decided to write about some of these myths after reading @genttleshaid comment on my post about how he used to love rubbing the eye, it got me thinking about some things I used to know as a child especially about the eye and how the lot of them turned out to be wrong information.

The Cat Eye Myth

I do not know if you know this one but from where I come from there is this myth surrounding ocular evisceration (removal of the eye ball from the socket) and getting new beautiful eyes like that of a cat which would actually enhance your vision is common.

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You can only have one working eyes in your life time, scientist have not been able to get there yet, the point where we are able to give you new eyes that can actually see because when your eyes are removed the connection to the brain is severed. This connection is quite intricate and complex so unraveling is mysteries may take quite some time and more advancement in technology.

If you do not take good care of your eyes and it had to be removed, what you get is an artificial eye ball, but note that is purposely for aesthetics so you would look normal when you step out of your home lest kids be running around shouting. That eye you get does not see, so think twice before engaging in that dangerous act with the hazard of causing irreparable damage to your eye.

Always remember is better safe than sorry, a mended glass may never be the same again.

The Spectacle Myth

This may not be common in more advance civilizations but from where I come from, every once in a while you come across this parent or guardian whose child has significant refractive error such that their vision is that bad and yet they would not allow you to refract or dispense the needed glasses for them.

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The reason been that, they were told that wearing spectacles would mean your eyes does not recover from the refractive error, the child’s eye will get worse as they grow, they will be fully dependent on the spectacles and their eyes will get sunken.

If you happen to be one of such individuals kindly take your time to read this well so you will understand things better. First and foremost, you are doing a lot of harm to your child by denying them the right to sight. This will have lots of repercussions on every single aspect of their life with more focus on their academics. Learning involves more of seeing than listening and it is what we see that we hear.

Having poor vision in class would mean your child has to be limited all times, sit in front of the glass, rely on friends notes etc. You can imagine the feeling the go through struggling to see just a little better when all they need are simple inexpensive lenses.

Now to every rumor there is some truth in them and the truth here is that, it is not the eye that will not recover from the error, why? Because it already has it, and it will remain for the entirety of their lives whether you correct it with the lenses or not. What happens is that wearing the glasses temporary corrects this error and allows light to be focused in the eye properly as it should, so long as you wear your glasses your error is corrected, if you take it off it goes back to its original state.

The glasses are not drugs to cure a disease, the only way out of not wearing glasses is surgery or Lasik and even that may still require you to wear glasses at certain points in time. Now your eyes or your child’s eye does not get worse because they are wearing spectacle, as we grow the power of the eye undergoes changes and these changes affect the power of the eye which directly affects the refractive error the person may have, so yes, they may require changes in the lens prescription after every few years does is not because of you or your ward is wearing spectacles. It would have happen irrespective.

Am sure at this point in time you understand why they will depend on the glasses, because no one would want to see blurry when they can see so well by wearing their spectacles and the only reason you may think their eyes have moved deeper into the skull is because you get familiar seeing them with their glasses on such that when they take it off, they look different. It is just your mind playing tricks on you, the skull does not have that space to accommodate the eye moving deeper in. It is an illusion.



We will continue with more of these myths as time goes on but as I always say, let’s seek information from the right source, wrong knowledge causes more harm than good. If you have any concerns about the eye you have been wondering about you can share in the comment section and I will do well explain as best as I could. Until then, I hope you have a nice time and I hope this article improves once vision or lifestyle in terms of ocular health.

Special thanks to my mentors and supporters @mcsamm, @tj4real, @armandosodano, @delilhavores, @gentleshaid.