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RE: Plant species as scientific evidence of a forensic and criminalistic nature

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Greetings dear friend @lupafilotaxia, excellent material that you share, you demonstrate the utility of botany in other areas, it seems to me a very methodical work and with much dedication, if I am not mistaken the specialists in entomology also have a place in this type of investigations, since, depending on the type of insects found in the corpse they manage to identify the possible zone where the murder could have occurred.

See you later, have an excellent week, blessings for all your family!


@amestyj thank you for the blessings to the family, which I also gladly receive and replicate for your home.

Right, not only entomology, the multiple disciplines of biology, facilitate contexts that serve as clues to clarify through forensic techniques some murders, and in what ecological context they were committed. Returning to the point of the usefulness of plants, the factors that influence the biology of each plant species can be used within the general principles for the presentation and preservation of criminalistic evidence.