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RE: Indepth Study and Insight into Wrinkle formation; Age Dependent or hereditary?

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I appreciate this article on a subject in which there is wide interest. However, I'm not certain that

mostly the females pay close attention to their facial appearance

I think, for example when adolescents suffer from acne, both males and females are equally distressed. I know that men worry when age begins to show on their faces, because then they are less employable. I think marketing companies might add to the impression that women, more than men, are obsessed with facial beauty.

Of course, this assessment is based partly on personal experience. I have sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles. I see equal levels of vanity in both genders. That's my personal experience.

I think your points about lifestyle are very important. A little bit like Dorian Gray, we do wear our lives on our faces. Get a good night's sleep, eat well, avoid UV, and avoid stress. This is good advice I think for a healthy body, including the skin :)

Thank you for an interesting article.


I truly and immensely appreciate your well constructed feedback on This and I just agree with you...
This is more like Another Post in form of

I tend to write a lot...maybe too much, sometimes :))