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Its another friday, a good time to prepare ahead for the weekend and also the new week ahead to stock and restock my needs basically, #marketfriday as initiated by @dswigle is a perfect time to explore the market, not only the market thou.

So Today, i make a trip to an old market where herbs and some veggies are being sold.

Perhaps, i could call myself a herbalist, don't get it twisted, i don't joke with my herbs and i like stocking my home with these items, used as recipes for cooking, some i used as herbal teas or medicines for use.

The market name is 'owode market' in offa, kwara state of Nigeria. Kwara state is categorized under north central, meaning its close to the core north where most of these herbs are produced so they tend to bring these herbs plus other green veggies into the state at large quantities.
People from other states also come to kwara state, especially the retailer to buy some herbs,and to go resell in their respective markets.


Not herbs per say but the useful ones are sold here like the nutmeg,turmeric,garlic,ginger,onions,Cummin seed,hibiscus tea plus many other herbs are sold here. While there are some fresh & dried herbs, also are there are blended ones, which have been put in a container and displayed for buyers to buy, the fresh ones are put in a nylon bags to sell.

This is a special kind of red chilli pepper, but it is very hot and spicy, maybe unlike every other persons, i love my pepper so hot.

  • So i bought enough of these herbs to take me for a few week and possibly a month


There is no how i will go to the market without buying some cucumbers and lettuce. The other side of the market is where most of green veggies and meat are being sold


Its a wonderdul experience exploring this market, about 2 hours drive away from my locality but it worth in the end.


Herbs are good health wise and I know many people who prefers taking herbs than taking drugs itself. Nice pictures by the way. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi @olaunlimited! Happy #MarketFriday! I must commend you on another wonderful #MarketFriday post. Very well put together with a thoughtful commentary. I want to thank you for your efforts and let you know that iit is noticed, not only by me but others also.

How fortunate to be able to buy at the source of the herbs. I know that it usually insures the freshest of the crop. Two hours away is far, but, that depends if you are taking a bus or driving yourself. If you say that it is worth it, I believe you! I don't know many people that would drive that far for supplies and vegetables if it wasn't to their benefit. I don't leave my market without my greens either! The best part of the meal. :)) I am impressed with anyone who learns how to use herbs properly. I am learning, but, such a slow learner I am. Plus, I need to find a good supplier, one with fresh would be perfect.

I loved your #MarketFriday this week and all the extra effort you put into it. I will be sending a little extra to your wallet.

I am so happy to see you posting in the #MarketFriday tag. It has been a constant challenge I am sure to come up with new material with so many businesses closed down and the fact that many people do not want to go into some of the crowded stores and Markets. In these times when COVID has made it challenging to put together a post, or even search out different locations, I can say with an optimistic attitude that #MarketFriday has survived the pandemic, thanks to all of you. Without your dedication to stretch what we call a market has been done successfully. Thank you! All of you! In doing so, we have discovered that we have added new dimension to the tag. As many have been staying closer to home, I have also discovered more and more about each of you and that has been pretty nice. I have to admit, with the platform broken into different communities and tags, we get to see the same people, more or less that join every week, so we get to know each other a little bit. The challenge points out our differences, but, then, it also shows many things our cultures share. When the day is done, it shows off how human we all are and how we basically all care about our families and others. We embrace each other as humans.

I love the experience of it all. I appreciate the love and support given to #MarketFriday! Thank you! Truly! Your participation adds a piece of your world, and I have to say, people are interested in is seeing it. This entire challenge has opened up the world to me and so many others. Thank you again for being a part of all this! I am so happy to see you here! I hope you have a fabulous day! Hive on!!
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