Wholesale store for soft drinks

in Market Fridaylast month

Hello Hiveians

During the day we visited a whole sale store where soft drinks are sold both for personal use or for commercial purpose.
We needed to store up some cold drinks for family use as I went out with @peterale to buy these drinks to get some of these needed drinks.
Right there during purchase we also saw different other customers coming to buy bulk of these drinks for resale, the owner of the store keeps an invoice, he also has his little kids helping him with the buying and selling of drinks.





We bought a pack of fanta and 5alive fruit drinks at a slightly higher price than usual


Although I still nurse this fear that soft drinks as these contain very high sugar content and taking these over a long period of time could be of negative health effect.
The fruit drink like 5alive and chi-exotic are preferable but you must be able to afford these.







I will like to know your favorite drinks and how affordable they are.
Drink healthy and wisely if I may add, avoid excessive gaseous drinks and those with high sugar contents.

Thanks for having me


Weldone dear

Yeah... I can understand your worries about these soda drinks. As a treat on the odd occasion this is probably fine. But here in Canada there are people who only drink soft drinks like these. (No water!)

This contributes to not only dental problems and weight gain but can also be a major factor in the development of diabetes. Sugary drinks spike the insulin levels in the blood steam and many people here already have fatigued insulin response. This is called being pre-diabetic and it's a huge contributing factor for why people here develop this particular debilitating disease.

For many clients I work with... this is something I assess. I want to know how many of their calories they are drinking. For many, the weight they are trying to loose is directly correlated with the amount of these empty calories they are drinking.

My comment comes from purely a personal training view of the world. But then there is the business aspect as you mentioned in your post. I found that very interesting! The beverage industry is a MASSIVE one here and all around the globe! It's interesting to see how these drinks are marketed and sold in other countries. Is the profit margin worth it with as many resellers between the products production to the end user? I'm curious how many people switch hands on the drink before it gets to the one who consumes it. Profit is always about the logistics and I'm sure that's why this consumable supports more than one reseller.

Anyways! This was very interesting to me as I listened to a entrepreneur podcast about the fellow who launched Honest Tea here in North America. It's quite inspiring because the drink industry is a VERY competitive one! I don't know if your interested @monica-ene but I'll include the link. Perhaps you might like to listen to it while your being your busy industrious self! 😊 And of course I would be very curious what your thoughts are on the audio! 😁


Thanks for the audio, I did listen to it and to give an honest review I know I will be willing to give up every sugary drink for this honest tea because of health reason, but will the larger population of this world be willing to?... Am sure many out there will still prefer those sugary drinks like a chain smoker 😂 but its their choice.

Yeah. We can’t change the world one drink at a time like they can... but we can change the world one word at a time! That’s the super power we get when we use Hive!

I’m glad your taking an honest look at the sugar drinks and what they do to your health. That’s huge because there will be people watching and watching is a great way to learn!

I sent you the audio link because I was curious if it would resonate with you. I know that many people in Africa are entrepreneurial and I certainly know that you happen to be very industrious! Annnnd because your here on Hive you are also forward thinking and innovate. Trust me when I say... many people are not. Even some of my friends here in Canada are surprisingly resistant to exploration of new things! But you are not!

That means your special and within your community you are likely a leader! So what you think and do does matter! 😊

I hope that hearing about how Honest Tea was created here in North America inspires you to keep on going, keep on staying open, and to keep on exploring the possibility’s over there in Africa. All one needs is a good idea every now and then... and then the stick-to-it to do it! You have those qualities! I’m certain!

So I’m glad you gave the podcast a listen and I hope that it encouraged and inspired you even a little! 🙂

I usually drink a lot of water. The problem with any bottled drink is that it is full of plastic from the bottle.

And plastic are toxic too. Water is also good for me too people living with sickle cell are advised to take twice as much to avoid having crisis