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Go ahead! Take one! They are free!! It is a FREE Feed a Bee Wildflower Mix Seed Packet. They were a pretty hot item and I think I got the last of them unless of course, they fill up again. I am sure they will, it is one of the wonderful things about my nursery. No gardener left behind. I plant a section in my garden specifically for bees. Just like a butterfly garden a bee garden is meant to attract bees. I want to assist in the conservation and reproduction of bees. We can all do this if it is possible to create a habitat for them. It's pretty basic. Bees perform the act of pollination. Approximately 1/3 of our food supply is pollinated by bees. It comes as no surprise that bees keep plants and crops alive. If we have fewer bees, it will mean lower availability and most likely higher prices of fruit and vegetables.

Pollination is where bees or other insects move pollen from one plant to another, fertilizing the plants so that they can produce fruit, vegetables, and seeds. So much information on bees!

Today is #MarketFriday initiated by @dswigle (Denise, that's me!!) Join me as we share our markets across the globe. I always look forward to seeing what you send me! It is amazing to see the different markets and cultures of our friends here on Hive.


While I was at the local nursery, I noticed they had bee ornaments and a hive! (Get it, Hive/hive?) Of course, I had to have one and I placed him on my Easter Tree, sans the Hive. He is destined for the Christmas tree, but, not until he has finished his long summer/fall nap. So, yes. I bought my be but left the Hive behind.


What I really came in for was seeding to attract bees and see if they had any bee hotels They are used by the hole-nesting bees. The sort of reminded me of a birdhouse except they had hollow reeds or cardboard tubes inside. You can make one or order one here or make one here. It will provide a nice space for them. Different bees have different habitats. Another must have item? Acess to water. Birdbath with a few stones in so they don't drown.

How to Get Free Seeds

Sign Up for Seed Catalogs. Seed companies often send first-time customers high-value coupons
Participate in an Online Seed Swap or Exchange
Find a Seed Library
Host a Seed Swap Party
Watch for Free Seed Listings on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace
Take Advantage of Free Seed Offers
Save Seeds From Your Own Garden

I saved seeds from last year and I am ahead of the game! I have marigold, coneflowers, zinnias, to name a few. I have about six more different ones. I probably have 3,000 Marigold seeds, no lie! I started spreading them along those back roads, close to the forest. Plenty of water and some nice shade for hot afternoons. I will be raining one night here this weekend, which will give them a good chance of survival.

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All sorts of products are made from honey. It surprised me that they have so much use, and some of them have nothing to do with consuming it. See the laundry list here.


Rules of the Road

Go to the market, or anywhere that you pay money for a service.
Take pictures! Be creative (or not, we don't judge!)
Tell us a little bit about the market, what brought you here?
Post the picture(s)
Use the MarketFriday Community Platform to post #hive-196308
Or drop the link into the MarketFriday post so I can find it
Have fun!

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Please leave the link to your post here so it can easily be found by others. It helps you and me to have them in one place. Where else can you take such a quick trip around the globe? Thank you so much for joining us!! ❤

I will admit to buying some Mead, Mead is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water, sometimes with various fruits, spices, grains, or hops. The alcoholic content ranges from about 3.5% ABV to more than 18%. The defining characteristic of mead is that the majority of the beverage's fermentable sugar is derived from honey.

Celebrate World Bee Day on May 20th!

And just like that, this post is done. I hope you had a good time and learned a little something new. As always, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit, and just remember, #MarketFriday loves you! Thank you for supporting the challenge! Have a most fabulous day! Cheers!!


As always, there must be flowers to color my world. #alwaysaflower Thank you for participating in my flowers loving ways. The bluebells are here! :))


Even though many places have been cleared to carry on as normal, please wear a mask when you go out and use proper social distancing.




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Anything that would help the bees is a good thing coz I know so many of them have been dying! Oh look at you looking so happy!!! Great to see it and great MF post!!!

Here is mine. Trying to remember how to go about it. It has been a while.

It is essential that we take good care of our bees! There has been an enormous loss in the bee community and I am hoping that with a little bit of help, we will get back to where we need to be.

I would like to think that every person could help our bees out by throwing a few seeds out for them. Paying it forward on all that honey we eat. Thank you so much for supporting #MarketFriday! It is appreciated!

Thank you for dropping the link! You remembered it all perfectly!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Wonderful! About bees, perhaps the most important insects on earth. Fascinating when you find out how to organize them in the hive. Did I say Hive? For bees the hive is totally centralized. Our Hive wants to be totally decentralized. Bees have been able to stay in this organization for millions of years. We, for a year! I wonder, if artificial intelligence were asked what the best organization is, what answer would it give?l

I vote for ants or bees! They seem to follow the rules or be earen. Wait! That sounded like i was talking about Hive!

Thanks foe stopping by and leaving your words!! How are you both feeling?

#MarketFriday loves you!!

I am glad that I managed to read your very fresh post, at the beginning, close to the moment of posting. Now, when you post daily, I discovered that you usually post at the same time. I didn't think to do that, I post chaotically, when I finish writing, most of the time very late at night. I think you are doing very well!
After we were vaccinated (with Moderna) we had two days in which we had quite unpleasant side effects but now it's over, I'm glad I succeeded. At the beginning of May, we will do the rappelling and then we will receive that vaccination passport and we will be able to travel. I hope to arrive in Thassos again in the summer of this year. What do you know about your cruises?

Mine is not on purpose that I post at 2am - well, sort of. I work and have a family; so it makes it hard to fit it all in my day.

I will probably go back to destinations as opposed to cruising. I was thinking of going back to Portugal or taking an RV across the states. I still have time to think.

Yes, we have so much to do that there is only the night left to write.
I'm glad you're thinking about classic travel. Portugal is also in my desire. What does RV mean, @dswigle?

Sorry! It means Recreational Vehicle. The little house that you trail with you. :) Then you are free to go where you want and for as long as you want.

I understand, a kind of caravan.

Hmmm. Maybe? A house on wheels. I guess that could be a caravan.

Love Bees and there honey God save the Bees and you are so considerate having a Beer Garden ...Oppppssss a Bee Garden 😄

Haha!! Can you believe it?? And on #beersaturday!!

I hope you are having a great weekend!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Hey Denis my sister says thanks so much for your generosity I told her about your gift that wasnt necessary but she really appreciates it, virtual hug she told me to give you.. her pc is in for repairs will be back soon x x have a lovely Sunday xx x x mwah ... Cheer$;)

Was funny and perfect timing for #beersaturday ...Ahhh, we are all allow a mistake or two.

Had a great weekend my is over but you still have Sunday all day enjoy and take care 😊

Save the bees!

There is a movement here to leave the leafs unraked so that pollinators can wake up properly and flourish. I am also looking to work with a family bee keeper family to help them sell their wares and promote bee keeping in the region.

There is nothing more important than bees to the survival of humanity. Heavy!

That is pretty awesome of you because even though bees have taken the media by storm, it's still hard to get started in any business. Here in the Washington DC area, we have quite a few beekeepers and you just cannot keep the product on the Shelf. Fortunately for them they don't have to Market online hand are doing fine right on site. I imagine asleep for a little bit bigger they will do that to reach out to a bigger audience but oh, good for you and I hope you all do well!

There's nothing more important than bees for the survival of Humanity!! Exactly! Thanks for your awesomecwords!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Yah I am just a champion of the little people and the #shoplocal movement. Funny thing is we started our company based on that principal just before Covid hit. Now, shop local is even more important for the survival of the businesses.

Just helping the little guy have a voice and get the local support they need. And BEES!

#Shoplocal and BEES!!! Yes! Kudos to you!

#MarketFriday still loves you!

Hi! Thank you very much for your kind support.

My post this week;


Thank you so much for stopping by and dropping your link!

#MarketFriday loves you!

I forgot about it at first! Too much on my mind these days. I was amazed by the fast moving thoughts in my mind! Phew! It should have rest! LoL

Interestingly, I had some free plants in my pot.
Some will probably consider them weed or pest plants but I kind of decided to adopt them for a while.
I think one is a bird nest fern and another is a different kind of fern.
My plants does not flower so I suspect wasn't any bee or butterfly that brought the free plant.
Could be from secondary transfer from a bird, more likely the one that came and ate the caterpillar and 'fertilize' my plant if you know what I mean.

Free is good, no matter how it comes, right??? :))

Hi, Ace! @ace108 I have never seen a bird nest fern, so I am going to Google it. Thank you!

@MarketFriday loves you!

bees are really very important in our ecosystem. And it's a pity to hear that they are dying because of the activities of people. It's great that you are trying to keep them. mead is a very healthy drink. we drank it in the Ukraine but we didn't find it in Israel. have a nice weekend !!!

Thank you so much, @tali72! Mead is a great drink and healthy too. I was surprised the very first time I had it. I am sad about the bees, but, like everything else, if we make an effort to correct the problem, we may succeed. They are very important for our ecosystem, yes!

Thanks so much for participating and especially for dropping the link here! I appreciate it!!! Have a wonderful day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Wow! You have plenty of seeds!! Would love to have some marigolds. So there’ll be bees in my garden.

That woods is full of wild flowers, very similar colour to bluebells?!

Maybe they are bluebells! You will have to take a picture of them when you get time (whoever has enough of that?)

I do have a lot of seeds! I save them from the year before and give lots of them away to share the beauty. There are only so many that you can use. I would send you seeds in a heartbeat! Because most countries have regulations to protect against agricultural pests and diseases as well as invasive species, you will probably need both a phytosanitary certificate and an import permit to take or send your seeds to another country. Boo. I know it is for our own protection, but, still. I like the thought of it.

I hope you are able to plant the garden that you want this year. We all need some good to happen today! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your words.

#MarketFriday loves you!

A comical R jumped on your post behind the word Bee and made it appear you have a beer garden .... LOL.... I know, I know, you don't really grow beer, you just drink some while watching the bees.

Funny R !


OMG! I just saw it! You saved me from getting too drunk! Thank God you read these things. At 2am, I didn't even proof it, I just wanted a little bedtime. :)

Thanks for catching it! Mwah!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Now I'm kind of disappointed, I mean, who else would think to have their own personal beer garden ??? It was a novel thought.

Of course you could make fun yard art out of beer cans and hang them there and it could still be called the same. Lots of folks make spinners and other fun things out of cans that are quite cute.

A Bee Beer Garden.....LOL

Oh, my!! Fun yard art and it isn't even #beersaturday yet! I am sure that would build the value of my neighborhood nicely.

Right after they kick me out for the beer garden! :))

Now that you mention it, a personal beer garden sounds kind of fun. Do we have to keep the social distancing thing going on? Thank you for the fun, El. Hope you are doing well this weekend!

#MarketFriday still loves you!

So... you are saying you live in the snobby neighborhood ??? How restricting that you would be run out of the neighborhood for some fun yard art in your beer garden??. LOL I would think as long as they were invited, they would pretend they didn't see the tinman made out of beer cans.

Only vaccinated people are invited.... one more way to be snobby right ?

Show your vaccination card at the gate please !

Pish Posh !

Haha! No, not snobby. They probably think of themselves as somewhat cultures and only do bottles, not cans.

Fussy. Fussy.

There is yard art t be made with bottles too. I'm thinking, beer bottle fountain.

LOL... nice !

My neighbors would love you! Come on up! :))

Now who's the snob. Just because Typhoid Mary lives here.

I admitted it right off ! One more way to be snobby. I could only put one foot in myself so far, because I've only had the first shot. LOL !!!

I have pondered for a minute or two here and there about what might be down the road for the haves and the havenots...... the vaccine that is. I know, off the Market Friday train, but for real, a very few of the extended family say they won't get one and now, I'm all for a choice, because I wasn't sure what I would do in the beginning and definitely didn't want to go first, but fortunately they had been around for months before it was available to me and by that time, I had decided with my age and conditions, it was more of a bad gamble with my health for me not too. BUT.... when it comes time for the family to gather, what then? Having the vaccine doesn't mean you can't get covid, so unvacs can still carry it in ! Can't wait till we get to figure that out.

I agree with you and they can guess all they want, but, the fact remains, they just don't know.

The shortened testing prevented them from long term results. But... maybe by the summer will have more definitive answers.

Market Friday or not, doesnt matter. :)

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 52 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks for the repost pixresteemer! Much appreciated!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Of course I love bees and my backyard has white clover planted on purpose. Originally it was to cover the ground where our grass wasn't growing so well and then I saw all of the flowers that attracted the bees! Makes me feel so good now every spring when our clover is covered in flowers! Also bonus, my husband doesn't have as much to mow in our backyard now. He never mows over the clover while it has flowers - just mows a few paths for us to walk through! I have posted pics of them other years! And of course I already posted a closeup of it which you saw on Easter. 😀

I love clover and when I grew up, we would chew a little bit of it, had a sweet/sour taste to it. Mom must not have fed us enough. :)) Or we were curious kids. I remember the big ole bumblebees buzzing around it!

How sweet, not taking the bee's enjoyment away. I never even thought of that! Thank you for that!

Hey @dswigle, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Thanks for the beer!!

it's a amazing picture

Planting season, thinking ahead for bees to flourish finding food they enjoy a lovely start to Summer when they will be busy.

Nursery supporting the distribution of flowering plant seeds a lovely idea, hopefully a trend is starting to support nature long term.

Have a wonderful day bee-ing busy preparing planting for early showers of rain Denise.