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RE: 📷#MarketFriday 27 inch after 9.9 | 9.9后27寸😎 (by @ace108)

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That is awesome, Ace! @ace108 I love the curved monitors! This one looks good and as a rule, I love Samsung. I am sure you have been giving it a workout. The curve adds a whole different element to the screens, but, I have had little issues with looking at something and I think it was a movie that two of us were watching. Same with the curved tv. The field of vision is different. But you get used to it.

I am sure your wife will be very happy with her new (to her) monitor. I know I love hand me downs! I really enjoyed your post today! It is different and therefore, very nice to see. I am so pleased to see you here and I will admit that it is fun to go through these posts and have so many different cultural experiences. The amount of time and effort put into posting in this challenge is not a secret. One of the reasons I have so much appreciation for those that do.

There have been some really interesting ways that #MarketFriday has been presented, all of which adds all the more charm to the mixing bowl. The challenge points out our differences, but, then, it also shows many things our cultures share. When the day is done, it shows off how human we all are and how we basically all care about our families and others. I love the experience of it all. I appreciate the love and support given to #MarketFriday! Thank you! Truly! Your participation adds a piece of your world, and I have to say, people are interested in is seeing it. This entire challenge has opened up the world to me and so many others. Thank you again for being a part of all this! I hope you have a fabulous day! Hive on!!

Fridays are all about the #MarketFriday Challenge! Looking to take part in it? Here is how:

How to Participate:
Go to the market! Any market will do! Food, clothing, plant, or animal, if you wish. You can go to the zoo, an art auction, and restaurants. Anywhere or anything that you pay money for any kind of service.
Take pictures! Be creative! It’s fun!
Tell us a little bit about the market, what brought you here?
Post the picture.(s)
Don’t forget to use the MarketFriday Community #196308 to post from or hashtag it! #MarketFriday by @dswigle If you hashtag it, drop the link to your post here so I can easily find them.

As always, please remember! #MarketFriday loves you!

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Thanks for coming by and the tip.
To my lady, the monitor is better than no monitor so far.
I guess it'll be more easy to get use to curve monitor than a big curve TV but I've not gone there yet.

Yes, they are pretty nice. The monitor. :))