Not The Happiest Bride

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Lately I've been waking up more anxious than I normally would be and it's taking a toll on me. It's worse this morning because I was up late last night thinking about the wedding. I happen to be my own wedding planner and it's such a stressful job. It wouldn't be this stressful if I was planning it my own way but it is when I'm making plans for things I don't want in the first place.

A bride is meant to enjoy planning her wedding but here I am, near depressed about this wedding. Yesterday I went to the market hoping to take some interesting pictures for a post but I totally forgot or I wasn't in the mood. I made purchases for the wedding that I consider very wasteful and it burns me that my fiance and I are eating deep into our finances for trivial things.

I'd normally fawn over new stuff but I've been looking at all this stuff with disdain and regret since I got them yesterday. I'm pretty sure the sellers in the market are wondering what an unhappy bride I am, I couldn't hide my displeasure, my emotions usually show on my face.

Well, I'll try to get through today without thinking about the wedding or doing a lot of calculations in my head.


Hahaha... Wedding is usually a period of endless spending and that is how we all have come to know Wedding Ceremonies to be.

It really eats deep into the finances but some are of the opinion that it's a "once in a lifetime experience so, it's worth the drama".

Well, you and your Man have already started and you all will reap the fruit of your union

There's so much fuss about it. I'm not even as excited as others

In a couple of days(weeks) the wedding will be over and you can have a mole time with your hubby. Find solace in that. Cheer!

Thank you! I'm looking forward to that time

I hear you with some of this stuff. We really weren't looking forward to the ways that my parents were going to try and force us to do things we didn't want for our wedding. I don't know if you remember how that turned out but we eloped on our own!

We can't elope now 😄 just have to pull through

I don't think people actually enjoy planning for a wedding. I hated it. I didn't spend a lot though - I refused to. We had quite the cheap wedding. These things have a way of getting away from you - make sure you stay in control, maybe that's what's upsetting you. x