I really really really hate it here


Once again, the electricity has been off for days. I still can't wrap my head around why we should be having power cuts in a country fueled by crude oil but alas, here we are.

On this episode of frustrated by NEPA, I have been cut off from everything happening in the world and will not be able to complete a dress for a customer.

I'll have to go to the shop that I'm honing my sewing skill to charge my phone, and that's only if they turn on the generator there.

I really really really hate it here and that's just about the most I can say about this devilish place. Everything that is suppose to work is somehow not working, and they make it seem like it is bigger than us.

The government, their cohorts and everyone profiting from the backwardness are very intentional about this horrible state. They do the most to keep everything backwards and just gladly line their pockets instead.

Anytime I think about the horrible state of this place, I really wish I was born somewhere else. This loudmouthed country is good for one thing and it is killing dreams. Nigeria's slogan should be changed from "heart of Africa" to "The graveyard for dreams".

I have to go now, as I only have a few minutes left on my phone. This is just a timely reminder of how much I hate it here and that's all there is to it.


I know how how you feel, and I have a similar attitude towards life here in Suriname, where we've been stranded two years. Although the power grid here in Suriname sounds more reliable than yours (I think Nigeria and Cambodia are in the same boat), the people here have no idea how to hustle during these hard times. People are getting more violent, crime is up, and I now get ripped off on any transaction that doesn't involve fruits or vegetables.

Meanwhile the locals refuse to give up fast-food, driving cars, and using aircon 24/7. Problem is the banks only allow $100 worth of withdrawals per week, and the local people's lifestyle is more expensive than that. Easy for us because we are survivors, and we will pick Surinamer's coconuts, papayas, moringa, noni and cassava leaves if they are neglecting them. We just gotta do it when they aren't looking because then they ask for market prices.

People here make me suck my teeth too many times in a day. !wine

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UGH I'm so sorry. :( That's so dangerous and disruptive to people's lives when the power isn't reliable.
For a hot minute I was reading this thinking you were in Texas (their power and water is down in huge areas after a winter storm due to greed and corruption not keeping the infrastructure in decent shape ...and they're also oil country).

Thank you. We're used to this kind of unreliability here.

And thanks for the tip ☺☺

You're welcome! :)