I'm Broken

I was meant to put up a post that has been sitting in my drafts for a few days tonight. So I had written to a satisfying extent and I dropped my phone a while only to come back and find it gone. I was left with the initial draft from a few days ago that's just about two paragraphs. I can't explain how hurt I feel but I'm sure you must have experienced this too.

I'll have to try again some other time because I need to sleep now. My neck hurts though, so it's very uncomfortable attempting to fall into relaxing sleep.

Goodnight from a broken spirit and broken-like neck.



Next time, copy-paste it directly to peakd. It will save your writing as drafts.

It was on peakd!

Ah that’s brutal! I was going to say PeakD but looks like you did that. Sorry to hear that!

Yeah. It was my terrible internet

Losing posts is always disappointing. Some use MSWord or Wordpress to compose and use auto-save which is a good idea. I always use Peakd though, and his the save button a lot. Don't worry about it, life isn't always plain sailing, brush it off and move on. :)

😂😂 I don't think there is anyone that hasn't experienced that shit before.
I have lost my long articles, three consecutive times before.
I know how she feels😂

Yeah, it sucks. It's happened to me a couple times in the last 3.5 years and hopefully never again. I'm pretty careful these days considering long my posts are and all. The one I put up just now is over 1900 words. Not something I'd want lose as I was writing the last paragraph.

Hahhaahha, I understand. loosing over 1900 words is like a free ticket to hell hahaha, I can't even imagine it lol

Life goes on afterall

It surely does.

Ah that’s tough indeed. I’ve lost lengthy comments on your weekend engagement posts so far, thankfully no draft posts lol. The engagement comments though are sometimes the length of a post though! It was challenging lol

I remember when you lost that comment. Never a good thing when a lengthy one goes missing.

Oops! So sorry about this dear, I understand your plight but life goes on🤭
I hope you didn't end up with a stiff neck.
Though I type directly on peakd cause I don't trust my PC when it comes to typing with Microsoft word. It has hanging issues so it's safe to type directly on PeakD at least some words will be autosaved.

I did type on peakd funny enough. I guess my poor internet was the problem

Yeah using PeakD is a good idea for this for sure.

Well thankfully it seems you didn’t lose your phone. That’s what I originally thought happened lol.

I’ve lost work like that before it’s brutal. My phone has crashed the browser and I was a few hundred words deep into a comment on a post and lost all of it, no hope to get it back. That’s been the worst I’ve had. Thankfully I seem to retain my post drafts so I’ve been lucky in that regard. I don’t know if it’s because I always use a post template or what. I do know that there are some that I will write in a note app on my phone if I know it’s a little sketchy as to whether or not I will lose it lol.

Thanks for posting some thoughts in here!

I used to write in my note app but I prefer writing directly in peakd

So sorry Dear

I know what it feels like to lose a whole post after all the creativity that was poured into it and the editing that followed suit. I know this because I've experienced it a lot although, I've never experienced it in this platform.

Just take some moments to rest and come back when you are fully fit