About Flightless Pigeons, Getting Run Over And A Robbery


I'm so stressed today and I had the feeling today was going to be such a drag as soon as I woke up. I'm currently somewhere waiting for someone to deliver my items I'm to use tomorrow. They had over two weeks to be done and have it delivered but here I am, two hours after supposed delivery time, waiting. What's more annoying is the guy ignoring my calls and when he finally picks up, he's clearly not ready to deliver yet but he says he's on his way.

Why do you need to lie though? You messed up my schedule already, the least you could do is be honest. Customer service is so terrible around here, I know the system is very shitty for entrepreneurs to function but why do you have to be nonchalant and inconsiderate to your customers?

Speaking of nonchalant entrepreneurs, I had a brawl with a tricycle rider earlier in the day. He stopped abruptly because of traffic jam and asked us to get down. He went haywire because I asked why he would collect the same fare when he wasn't dropping us at the bus stop. He started talking shit about women always being a problem because the men paid the initial amount. He talked about women always wanting free things and that ticked me off.

I'm going to pay you the actual fare for where you dropped me so wtf are you saying about free things? Did I ask for a free ride or am I not paying for your service. We're talking an extra 50 Naira which is not hard to let go at all but why cheat me and then try to gaslight me? I don't like being cheated even with the little things.

So I hop out of the tricycle after he threw my change in my face and this asshole tries to ride over my feet. His tyre brushed my left ankle and now it's sore. He did this with a straight face and zoomed off right after I tell him he's very vile and wicked. I cannot believe someone actually did that to me

UPDATE: I'm home now, I got my delivery much later and I'm so weak, not physically, more of emotionally. There was a robbery at the same place the crackhead rider dropped me off. This guy had just stepped out of a bank and the robbers went in on him. He tried running with his cash and they shot at him mercilessly.

I'm just weak all over at the thought of his loved ones waiting on him to come back home. I'm mad at him for not leaving the money immediately, no amount of money was worth that risk. But then again, how do I know he was going to be spared if he hadn't run.

This town keeps getting worse and I really want to leave. No matter where I run to, the whole country is unsafe. Even the pigeons released at the Armed Forces Remembrance Day by the President today refused to fly. Their flight is meant to be a sign of peace but it appears even the pigeons know the country knows no peace.

I'm tired.


Ah very good use of the ranting community, as difficult and sad as it is to read! I'm glad that you have a space to post this type of stuff, as I know I've searched for the same but didn't find much luck. I appreciate you dropping the post in here, regardless of how bleak it is. Space to vent is very important.

The stresses of the things happening around the world because the manipulation of some very sadistic people is cracking many people. It's a shame and I'm sorry to hear that you had multiple run-ins with really brutal people today. I hope your weekend improves and you can find some reason, however small it is, to have a better outlook on your day or weekend. We all have these days, sometimes it's hard to find the light at the end of the tunnel but it is there I can tell you that!

One thing to be thankful for, however challenging it is, is that you aren't the poor man or the family member of the man who was needlessly shot. We never know how things happen or how we will react so unfortunately his instinct was to run and those scumbags shot him. Hopefully he pulls through it!

Where abouts are you? I have to say, that was a spectacular rant! And poetic as well - that last line is so symbolic and I love it. A gem in the midst of sadness. I'm sorry that your day was so bloody awful. Things sound pretty depressing there - I hope you find some brightness in your day.

Yeah,I don't feel terrible anymore. Thank you

That sounds very stressful! hope you alright now.

I'm good now, thank you