Road Blazes

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Hi fellow Ranters,

Today we saw our second car fire in 24 hours. What the hell is going on? Lol


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Road Blazes

A car fire is a pretty rare occurrence for us so it’s very odd to have two car fires in less than 24 hours, and not even a mile apart from each other. The other one yesterday was on the same stretch of highway as this one, except a mile back. Crazy shit for those who are superstitious lol.


Lots of people trying to get the hell out of the way so the firefighters can do their work. Poor guy is just thinking shit.. what the hell am I gonna do?


Luckily I think a few people stopped. I don’t know if these people knew the owner of the car or what but they were there to help support him or something at least. Better than most times, people usually say piss off and drive faster away!


The little man was very intrigued but when we drove past the firefighters he said “good thing we have brave and strong firefighters like that, those guys are great!” Cracked me up and made me smile for a bit at the things that come out of his mouth. Kids are a lot of fun even in crazy situations like that lol.


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Good thing the firefighters could show up on time to help. We can only thank God for life and hope for better days. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah they were pretty close by where we live so that was lucky!