Logo Contest! Got Ideas?

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today’s a great day to have a contest if you ask me!


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Picture It

So one of the things that I think is missing from this community, as it grows, is it needs a logo and a background. Not that I’m thinking it will be anything big or formal but it’s just a bunch of people who can talk shit and complain together. What’s better than that!?

I like checking the stats of the community as more people are trying it out and interacting with people in it. That’s what this is all about. If we keep the engagement up with each other and all of the posts in here and it grows as the hive chain grows.


Winning Ticket

I think it would be a good idea to make this a two part contest. The first part is a logo for the community icon and the second part is a background for it.

25 hive each for the winning entries! So 50 total hive I can offer. I might throw in some more if I have a tough time deciding lol. I’m hoping to get a bunch of entries and I know there are a lot of people in the hive community that love to do this type of thing. Let’s spread some love and hive around! It would also be great for people who are new here to show themselves off but no guarantees there.

I’m not too specific for what the entry should be but the logo should be something with rant, complain or talk in it. RCT? I dunno but you can try that out!

The background I think would be really cool to have something with hive in it and that logo as well as something creative with rants, complaining or talking associated with it. Run with that and drop your ideas!

The only other thing I want people to do is reblog this post here so it’s spread around. You don’t have to make official posts about it but I won’t stop you if you do lol.

Think you got something cool and creative for an idea? Let me know! I have all kinds of different tastes and ideas so I’m more than open to all of it!

Hive on and happy designing! I will close it in 2 weeks from today at 9 PM so that way lots can enter if they want and don’t want to have a short window.

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@knottydaddy ⬆️ Logo contest. @frot @silver.art @dksart.

Thanks man! Hopefully we get some entries! I know people will come up with some good stuff but hopefully I will have a bunch to choose from lol

Dude, I have no skills in logo making but @ryivhnn does.

I ended up just using an image for my three communities as I don't know how to do the logo thing. I'll give this a reblog later though.

Logos are firmly Sprat's department XD

eta she made the Home Edders one

My mistake.

See if she can get some inspiration for this one! All entries are welcome.

Thanks man! I hope to get some entries for sure. I know we have lots of art and logo focused people on here I just need to get the eyes on it and I think we could turn out some folks.

I have some ideas for my data viz community logo and background but for a general one like this I don’t know so I wanted to see what people come up with.

I made you an admin in the community by the way, so now you can add any title you’d like lol.

All good mate, let's see how it goes and hope there's some entries. It's hard to get traction on this sort of stuff but I've given it a reblog so maybe a little more exposure.

I wouldn't have even known such a community existed cause Hive is very wide.
I learned about this community from @galenkp his post I just read.
I couldn't help but look up to see which community he posted such an article to and then I saw Rant, Complain, Talk lol.

And hopefully, I bumped into this contest and I hope to participate though I am not very good with design. It's just something I am still learning but I will love to give it a try.

Thanks for stopping by and checking it out! The community is here for everyone, whether you want to rant about something or just talk about something. There’s a spot for you in it!

I think you should give the contest a try! You never know what will spark my interest for a design so the winning designs could be the simplest, you never know!

Yah! I will surely do that. Thanks
And I am sure to rant as well 😁

I'd like to pitch in 5 hive for the reward.

Thank you! I appreciate it! I will edit the post and include that! If you know anyone that does art and stuff please let them know. We’ve got some interest but no entries so far. Hoping to get some!

sent 5 hive and I will rehive this post. I think there are some in my followers who are actual designer.

Reblogged, i'll chuck in a five if you remind me xx

Thanks I will! I don’t know if anyone is going to do it though lol. I thought it wasn’t too bad of an idea but no takers yet. Hoping in a day or two I can get at least one person to give some money to!

You still looking for designs?

I’m looking for my first actual entry lol. I’m hoping I don’t have to do it myself!

How much time I got? I'll see what I can come up with.

6 days I think! Would love to check it out man!

Alright, thanks for the window. I'll put something together for you. Do you have any colors in particular you're a fan of or colors you especially don't like?

Cool thanks lol!

I’ll have to say I’m not a fan of pinks, but other than that have at it!

That's funny. My favorite fuckin color! Lol.

Good thing I asked!

Don't let it hold you back then man. I appreciate whatever you come up with, colors and all! It doesn't bother me, so do what you can to have fun with it.