Final Fire Days

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Hi fellow Ranters,

The other day we enjoyed probably our last fire pit day for the foreseeable future. Damn ticks!


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Tick Pricks

The fire pit is a really fun spot to be in, it's got good grass around it, plenty of space to walk around and it's not very popular of an area for cars to be driving unless they live over there. What has been cool is we cleaned up the area really well as far as the sticks and logs were all food for the fire pit! A lot of the times, the landscapers and other people just toss the stuff into the bushes and forget about it. I can't say I blame them but it started to really pile up and look like crap. We spent time to improve that over the last few weeks!

What also happens though, and is difficult is that the better temperatures bring out the critters we don’t need, like ticks. There’s a lot of things that don’t bother me but ticks are ones that absolutely bother me to no end. They carry all kinds of bad diseases and shit here, so it annoys me that they are around. More on that in a bit. (Pun unfortunately intended lol)

So with the final fire of the season here I decided to go all out! We had dozens of pine cones and chunks of bark from the lake house to burn so I wanted to get going and burn lots of stuff as well. Built me a nice base to get things going. The little man contributed the dried grass, which was great to get the fire going.


We went all out with this one. We collected a couple down tree branches from the area and decided to just throw them on and get it going. It of course took a while to get the fire strong enough to burn these as well but they were dry as a bone so they lit right up!


It was nice to watch the fire burn and it not be a frigid temperatures out. We could hang out together and enjoy it instead of sort of rushing and hoping to stay warm by the fire. You can’t see it in this picture well but the fire was going through the chimney! The fire was so strong that we burned a couple alive branches from a freshly broken tree and some others that were pretty darn wet.


Kind of crazy that after all that stuff and how big it was it gets turned into such a small pile of ashes and embers. I love watching the glowing embers at the end of a big fire like that, could fall asleep looking at those!


So the fun was abruptly cut short when we got home. I was a little leery of the warmer temperatures and the bugs, we got lucky lately in that we didn’t find any bugs on us when we came back but son of a bitch of course this time we did. It also had to be the worst one, the fucking deer ticks that carry Lyme disease. That pissed me off to see! I thankfully knew the tick wasn’t on him for long, less than 2 hours was how long we were out there but long enough to make me worried and especially the wife worried about getting sick from the shit. I took it off, ripped the head off from the body by accident which sucked because then I had to go and get tweezers and get it out. Thankfully all of it was gone and the little man is okay, no signs of infection or disease right now but shit does it drive me nuts. This little shit ended the fire season real fast for us.



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Goddamn ticks can die in a fire!

Can you torch the place or remove some of the grass so they don't have anything to climb on to get up on you?

That firepit looks like a great place to be.

Thanks man the pit is really relaxing! The funny part is 75% of the people that live in the condo complex we are in have no idea it's here! Lol.

The damn ticks piss me off, I've got Lyme from them now and we are going to go into overdrive making sure the little man doesn't get it. Thankfully there's ways to keep them off with essential oils they don't like the smell of.

The grass is a bit of a problem but it's the bushes that's worse. He was in a bush playing and one climbed into his back and got into him. I just want to live on the beach instead where there aren't any ticks lol at least in my mind there isn’t any!