ADVICE NEEDED - New Vlogger needs a camera. HELP!!

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OK, this may be a bit if a random one, but where do you get the chance to ask a world wide audience for some advice??

My 4yr old son, AKA 1/2pint, is adamant he wants to be a YouTube star after watching countless hours of other kids on there. The likes of "ninja kids", "Carl and jinger", "sneak attack squad", to name but a few have filled his head with all kinds of ideas, at after doing a bit of research and finding out their networth, why the heck not!!

Since we have the likes of #dtube and other decentralised platform where he can share his adventures I thought id ask, and see what feedback this question would get....



I've always used the saying "buy cheap, buy twice". This is simply a reference to buying poor quality goods and items, to then go out and buy a better one after the first one breaks straight away.

So although I'm happy to spend a few $/£/€ on a good camera, the prices of gopros are £300+!!! And if this is just a flash in the pan idea he doesn't like, it will have been wasted.

So, surely there must be others out there that have come across this conundrum?


  • No upper or lower limit on value, but cheaper is always best.
  • Doesn't need to be waterproof, but possibly splash proof
  • hand held and light
  • steady hand/shake feature
  • memory card/good memory
  • 1hr + battery life
  • plastic cover and shock proof. 1/2pint will be filming and drops stuff constantly
  • high enough resolution to be played on a large TV

See, that isn't too much to ask.

One last thing - thank you!


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