Natural DESERT OASIS & LARGEST DUNES in South America 🇵🇪 Epic Peruvian food in HUACACHINA Peru

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Dune buggy and sandboarding in Huacachina Peru is super duper fun! In this Peru video, we're showing you food and fun in Huacachina. This village is lovely! I’m glad to have visited but it’s more like a one-time thing. Not much to do other than Dune buggy and sandboarding.

Watching sunset and sunrise on the dune, having some food or drinks at the balconies watching the beauty of South America’s ONLY natural desert Oasis was something we don’t experience that often.

We foodies also went for some food but not Peruvian street food like usual this time, we got a bit sick from that since Paracas so we went with a few Peruvian restaurants in Huachachina. Delicious Peruvian cuisine at Oasis de America and some yummy Italian food at Samarana Resto Bar.

** To Huacachina from Lima, we used the service of Peru Hop. A bit pricey and we went through a few problems so we would suggest you look a bit further. Perhaps something like Econociva, Oltursa, Tepsa, Cruz Del Sur, etc.

Hope you enjoy this Peru travel vlog!

Till next time! Ciao!

More info about what to do in Huacachina :
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