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Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca / Winikunka is located in the Peruvian Andes in Cusco just 3 hours away from the Cusco historical center, Rainbow Mountain is one of the main attractions to see after or before Machu Picchu and it is known for its natural, multi-colored beauty at 5,200m above sea level!!

It was recently discovered due to the snow melting - considered holy by many until this day. One of the most amazing places I have visited both in Peru and all my travel journeys in general. It has even been listed in National Geographic’s “Top 100 Places To Visit Before You Die”.

Red Valley

A lot of people tend to forget about the Red Valley or Valle Rojo, an amazing scenery just 20 minutes walk from the Rainbow Mountain. It's pretty and much less crowded. Since you are going to take a 3-4 hours drive outside of Cusco anyways, make it worth the long journey!

In this Peru Travel video, I have included the information pretty much all you need to know before going to Rainbow mountain. + Things that you need to bring as seriously, you really need to be prepared! :)

Hugs from Cusco, Peru 🇵🇪

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Oh, what a beauty! It looks like a rainbow, a mountain of candy. I've never heard or read about this mountain. It'll be interesting to learn about it. Another tourist spot in Peru that must be visited. Thank you for your recommendation, @waybeyondpadthai

Thanks for watching! I was sure pretty!!