In the Ether - Takamine Classical Guitar Improvisation

in DTubelast year (edited)

Here is an improvisation on my Takamine cutaway classical guitar. I have the guitar tuned to dadgde for a unique alternate tuning. This allows for easy improvising while still keeping the high e string available for a unique twist. Thanks for listening :-)


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Thanks @tibfox

Fucking amazing!

Thanks for listening :-) how are the mushrooms in Germany right now?

None yet! I am idolizing you know lol. Just started guitar a few months ago so yeah wow! How long have you been playing?

Lordy, who knows how long I've been playing probably at least 28 years or so. What guitar are you starting playing on? Acoustic or electric? Key is to not press the strings super hard and keep your hands fairly relaxed. Have to apply just enough pressure for a clear note nothing more, this helps with switching chords and notes faster.

Wow that’s insane! Your dedication shows. I started with acoustic and then my friend gifted me an electric and have been playing that. I press way too hard, got to work on that. I played trumpet from child through Highschool, then bugle in the army so it’s a change but at least I have some background knowledge on musical theory.

Electric is perfect for testing out how light you have to press the string for a clear note. You learning scales or chords?

As cheesy as it sounds I am using an app. Yousician it's called. Kind of teaches you everything it works really well. At least I am memorizing easily.

Ah right I tried that one once a while back. I thought it would convert my recording to tabs at the time but it didn't work out too well.

Great job! Nice sound.

Thanks for listening. I'm glad Dtube is working with hive now too.