Summon the Djinn - Egyptian Oud and Les Paul

in DTube6 months ago (edited)

Here is an improvisation on my Egyptian Shehata oud. I just played whatever came to my mind at the time.

Later I added two tracks of doumbek, a shaker track and a handpan track on my Roland handsonic. The last track is on my Gibson Les Paul to add some ambient textures to the mix.

The mood of this song kind of reminds me of a person trying to summon a djinn to fullfill their wishes. Beware though, djinn always find a way to double cross you with their powers.

Thanks for listening :-)

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Dude, this was awesome!! And, that is a beautiful Les Paul

Thanks for listening :-) you are one of the few who might of seen it because of HF24 lol.

Wow! You are dabbling in magic! I wouldn’t dare!!

Just have to make sure the circle of power cannot be broken... otherwise the djinn will take you away to his separate dimension.

Thank you for the warning!! Very useful information!! I hope I would never meet up with these!

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