What would you do, if you were Given 1 BTC amount of money?

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Hello good people

There are certain dreams which many of us has in our vivid minds. Sometimes we rather want them to be true in our own way. While let's roam a little bit around that zone of our mind in this vlog.

What if, you were given money around 10k USD at your hand? Don't ask who or how t=you would get that money? Just go with the flow please.

How or where would you really spend that money? I have shared my thought onto that and let me know what would you do under that circumstances?


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I would try not to get taxed after converting it to USD lol.

lol, I hope not. The gov can't stand with the word BTC (CRypto) but they want every penny from it. Weird but profitable indeed.
Thanks for dropping by.

Will buy BTC and Hardware Wallet. And then hold it for 10 years

Well, that sounds like a solid plan tbh
All the best, if the opportunity ever comes by!

I would start a mini importation business and use some of the money to buy a small piece of land and leave it to appreciate.

Nice, that sounds promising as well. Hope the folklore comes true for some of us : )

Really hopeful 😇

Buena pregunta👍