Step by Step - Enjoy in the Journey to Your Goal

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You have heard it a lot about the importance of goals... or to be better said, about the importance of setting goals and writing them down! It's crucial to do that as you are creating a kind of contract with yourself by "craving" them on the paper, or even better, writing them in public, on the Internets... :)

But, there is a problem with long-term goals... As they are long-term (a year, two, five), they usually look frightening, if you forget about that "long" in the name... So, if you have done the task of writing them down, now it is time to break them down to smaller pieces which will be more "achievable" in the shorter term... Actually, you can break down long-term goals to mid-term and short-term...

Now that you have short-term goals, the picture looks a bit more optimistic... :) They don't look so crazy unreachable so you can start working on them...

In this video, I have taken a bit longer walk and gamify it a bit on my return home... :) In the middle of a video, you will see a photo where you can notice that there are a couple of really high palm trees... Back in days, before tourism hit Spain, this land was all orange plantations... As they were huge, people would get lost in them, so they have usually planted a high palm tree near their house, to know the right direction when they finish the work on a plantation...

Now, instead of palm trees, I have used the McDonalds sign as my direction to get home... To measure a distance and set my goal...

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Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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Indeed, long-term goals or goals which seem impossible to achieve, should be broken down to smaller goals. Smaller goals are easier to achieve. And by achieving our smaller goals first, one day we will arrive at our ultimate goal.

Exactly... And during that journey, while you are achieving small goals you get motivated to push forward until you get to the BIG ONE! :)

Thanks for commenting!

Very true indeed.

You are welcome.

I have a problem with patience. As in a lack of it. LOL But over the last year I have had more fun on this journey than I have ever had. I take steps every day in the direction I am heading and I know that there are no real shortcuts. And I am looking at longer term goals like making Dolphin status in Hive. Would be great to get there for the beginning of next year. It is important to enjoy the process of getting to the goal because when you get there you don't/can't just stay. Need to set another goal

Oh, yes... The solution to a problem with patience is to HAVE FUN doing it... If you have fun, you will not notice how times passing by fast, but you will reach the goal in the meantime...

That's why it is having fun important! And in the community like ours, it's not hard to have fun :)

Thanks for the comment!

So true, so true. What you said is exactly why people don't make it on the internet. Of course if everybody did it right, it would get much more competitive and very difficult.

You have nailed it as always, Bob... :) We are lucky that others aren't consistent and stubborn :)

Thanks for watching and commenting!

I've seen your video in the morning on lbry and really liked the way you use the metaphor. It took some time to see it on peakd ;-).

I believe that what you illustrate in this video is actually why 95% of the people don't succeed online. The reason? After two steps they want to take the taxi...

Setting huge goals is actually quite easy. I believe that the setting of the stages to these big goals is the real challenge. How to set smaller goals that are challenging enough but still accessible without me taking the taxi? The most important thing is to actually set these smaller goals and to adapt them over time in order to reach one day the big goal.

After two steps they want to take the taxi...

You are right about this... Everyone likes shortcuts and the "easy button"... Why bother if it isn't instant...

Setting huge goals is actually quite easy.

This is a trap... As we are all different... For someone, huge goals (higher than real expectations) can work very well, as a motivator... I would put myself in this group, as I like challenges...

But, for someone else, setting huge goals can be de-motivating, especially if they didn't see any progress in the beginning (which is also a normal thing, as it needs time to start snowballing)...

So, everyone should set long-term goals with his "preferences"... knowing themselves and their appetites... :)

Thanks for watching and commenting!

This is legit man! Mindset is everything, I like your perspective here.

Keep doing great work!

Exactly! It is all in our head...

Thanks for the comment and re-blog! Appreciate it!

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