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RE: DesYgner - Free And Professional Graphics - Works Great On Mobile - IAAC #83

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Thanks for sharing this alternate resource, Erik. Although I haven't had any major issues with Canva for using it on my PC only, it's always good to have another option... just in case :) Looks like you can store unlimited models for free on Desygner which is pretty cool too ! Have a great day and stay awesome :)


Thanks a lot Chris, yeah I have not been able to see if there is any limits on that part, but I will soon upgrade there anyways and then that won't be a problem at all, stay awesome.


Tested Desygner for my CJ post today and I confirm it's very user friendly, and slightly smoother than Canva and rendering is faster. Worth exploring further :)

Great to hear that you like it, have an awesome weekend.

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Great thanks !