New Park Skateboard Session, the video!!

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Good day everyone!

Here are the lines I filmed with TJ on Friday. Most of the lines I already posted the snaps yesterday on my blog.

Such a great session and we really had a great time. The first line was the tricks I usually do and very simple, I mean all of the lines I tried are very simple, haha. I have skated this park three times and I already have a good feel of the flatbar and the ledge so I mixed up tricks and put lines together. Glad I have a great filmer, simple tricks looks awesome!
I am putting trick combinations I want to try next Friday. I guess I will be skating this park more often.

*the song is not mine! It is by Coldplay.

Hope you like the video!

P.S. It was fast and quick, a two hour session is not enough but we make the best of what we got eh? haha Peace!

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Damn bro, what a great looking park! Wish we had something like this one near here!

So glad to see you shredding Mark, missed your clips and bag of tricks! That nollie bigspin up and faki bigspin down was awesome! i can tell you had a great time filming these clips just from the way you skate man!

Keep shredding bro and can't wait for next Friday's video

Yeah, It’s one of the best skateparks here, and just 10 minutes away by car from where I live.

Haha. I had to dig deep on what tricks I can do… I knew in myself that at this stage I won’t be able to skate handrails and jump off of stairs, so I really try to compensate it with tricks that are simple but looks good on film.

Hopefully next week we get some of the iSolar crew in the video!

My G, perfect spot!!!!
Good session, love your shoes my friend.