Corniche Skating With the New Friends!

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Good day everyone!
Here is a short edit from one of our sessions last year.
I was supposed to upload it her in DTUBE but unfortunately I did not have DTC at that time.
I just uploaded some photos from these session and did a blog.


I had a great session on the little pathway edge. As I said on my blog last time, the ledges are not skateable anymore as the municipality is going to change it.

The kids with me are TJ's new crew and they are literally kids. The eldest is 14 years old and me and TJ are teaching them the basics. They pick up really fast and good.
But for now they are only in the video for the comedic content, no skate clips yet as they are polishing their tricks. Once they have it, then clips of them will be here!

I hope you enjoy this little edit I made and hope fully another one will come as soon as possible.


P.S. Sorry no captions! Peace!

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My G sick session and perfect spot, really perfect spot keep going and perfect fakie nosegrind to fakie G.

Thank you friend! The corniche spot is the best!