How To Frontside Pop Shove-It!

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Good day everyone!

Another simple tutorial video upload! This time it is the basic trick frontside shove it. Frontside shove its is one of the most basic trick next to pop shove it and ollies. I remember learning this trick by doing fakie bigspins. It is weird but I learned how to fakie bigspins first before I learned how to frontside shove it. I it pretty easy and if done correctly it is one of the cool looking trick despite it being a basic.

This trick will lead you up to next level tricks such as hardflip, varial heels, and in my opinion and experience it led me to frontside flip. The trick is all in the backtail and the scoop is all that matters, I might have explained the pop and the kicking forward of the tail is the key, hahah, but those two steps also translates to a “scoop”.

In this video, I included my friend Wensi who had a real stylish front shoves. It is just different in how I do it. Because I think when I do it, I land my feet on the board at the same time, but this new generation seems to land front foot first and I could never do that.

Billy is also featured again and Diether is the one filming. These dudes are all TJ’s iSolar crew.
Hopefully we get to film and vlog more skate tricks! Next time we will do the kickflip tutorials!


P.S. Waited two weeks to skate and it is all worth it. More content to come! Peace!

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Nice one man! I was never good in Fs Shuvits but people seem to find this one an easy trick!

I love the spots you guys skate over there. They look so perfect man but it makes sense since it's Abu Dhabi hahaha!

Let's live the moment cause no one can predict the future, I agree ;)

thanks dude! for me I could never do the frontfoot catch first. the spots are really great! and right around the corner there is a newly built skatepark. We skated that the same day but I have not edited the video. hahah.

Can't wait to see it man!

Elon Musk Tweets about BTC and mainstream adoption is happening dude! I wish Hive can skyrocker and visit Abhu Dhabi!