Skateboarding With My Friend Van!

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Good day Skatehive!

Welcome to another skate edit! This time these are clips we did last December 2020.
Well as per the video, this is more lines by Van, I did not filmed tricks much as I was taking rest after tricks. haha. TJ filmed all the clips and I edited it. Van is just new in skateboarding, maybe around 6months. He is progressing fast and learning tricks fast. Lucky for him, TJ is always around to teach him tricks. I also teach him but just how to properly do the basics.

Thanks very much for watching!


P.S. I'm 32 but with skateboarding, sometimes I feel like 21. hahah Peace!

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*the song is not mine!

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Boys just wanna have fun man! Killing it both! You are a Fs and Bs flip master bro 🤑.

By the way, your homie's Vans are looking sick! Never seen this specific shoe! Is it a new one? Vans are my top choise in shoes and I am about to get a pair so I am doing my research ahhaha!

Thanks bro! I am like a feature with only two lines haha.

I don’t know where he got that. But I am pretty sure it was in the kids department that is why it looks different! Hhaha.

My G nice song, nice session and tricks, keep going marck.
Van is great skater, blessing and SKATE FOR HIVE and DTUBE hahahaha.

thanks friend! Van is really good, it is great to watch him progress daily.

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