F*ckin’ had to, wanted to, needed to.

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What’s up everyone!

Another short clip from me. Still couldn’t skate outside and I missed filming lines. Just a little more I guess.

Filmed indoors with my son cheering me and laughing at my bails. Hehe.

Cheers, @mark0318

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Man Varial Heel and Fakie 180 Flip were So Good!
Really hard tricks to do at such limited space!
Hell yeah bro. If a skater wants to skate, he will skate! Hehehe

thank you! been a while since I landed varial heels. really tried hard on that one. haha. been a month now since I last skated, just needed quick tricks, luckily I landed them..

Yes bro! Should we start a new indoor game of skate? what do you think?

hahah great idea. but it must be quick before this quarantine ends. haha.

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