How to 50-50 Grind With Billy

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YouTube Version:

I know. It’s been long. Been busy. Let me do the talking in the video. So here’s a 5050 with Billy the Gen Z. Enjoy!


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Billy was shy talking to the camera hehehe!

Maaaaan, missed your videosand really enjoyed watching this one!I was smiling every second 😁

How are you doing buddy?

yeah the kid is 13 only, he'll get over that when he's older. hahah

thanks brother, a lot happened and I did not have the chance to upload clips.

everything is fine, BTW, my friend @tito.licious post some skate related content and I told him to put #skatehive tag, it's more of a food blog but when he have chance to post skate clips and pics hashtag it. please support!

Never saw that post by @tito.licious!Just upvoted from the skatehive account and followed!

Yeah man, life is crazy for everyone the past year!

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