Algoritmo - Algorythm (Blockchain Collaboration)

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Dear blocktrotters, How are you?
No worry, stop what you are doing for 4 minutes and start dancing. I offer this moment, it is yours. Dance at much as you can. Why?
Because everything is an Algorythm
Blockchain Solidarity on Musicoin
Hodl and dance on AlgoRhythm


(English translation)
And how can you believe in
everything you read
with your thumbs on your selfphone
you'd better start dancing a little
because it's all an AlgoRhythm


E come si può credere
a tutto quello che ti ritrovi a leggere
con quei tuoi pollici appiccicati al cellulare
Faresti meglio ad iniziare un po’ a ballare
Perchè è tutto un algoritmo

Chinotatooart aka Alexander Rondon from Venezuela for artwork on
on Steemit too : he is living in a situation of economic disagreement you can help him directly

Asterios Papastamatakis from Greece for the piano Dark Forest song on

Lorenzo Pistolesi from Italy for voice and poetry
Video footage from

Powered by Regata Collective from Switzerland for mix and mastering

@djlethalskillz the songwriter's booster

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This is sooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking gooooood brother @lorenzopistolesi I freaking love what u did, I honestly dont remember this lol u always surprise me with awesome music and collabs love it! We should def get them up on Emanate and Audius, Hit me up on Discord when u around. Much Luv n Respect! #staysafe

thanks a lot bro