When Music created Hive - First Music then P2P, then BTC, then Steemit, then Hive - BELLACIAO

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Let's say thanks to music, if P2P was created.

It was 1999 and Napster created mp3 and P2P share file system. So let's say thanks to nurses, doctors and musicians too.
Without MUSIC no Pear to Pear, no Bitcoin, no Steemit, no Hive, no WEB3, layer 0. So this is the moment when artists need to communicate well with devs, Hive Devs.
Enjoy with Bellaciao


So I’m in the process of trying to set up an an automated service to get Musicoin on Steem at first then Hive... I’m following you now brother

In questo momento per ció che riguarda la musica non so come muovermi. Ho provato Dsound, ma mi sembra una piattaforma ad oggi poco sviluppata e con poche interazioni.

You think? No music no HIVE? hahaha Maybe, who knows :)

Yes man. It seems the history to tell us. Are you a musician?

No :) Am not a musician at all; Just a music fan :)