Curating AWESOME Dtube Content - Week 1

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Hey guys, how are you?


This is a new series I came up with 'cause I wanted to spread some love to all content creators on Dtube.

I am gonna upload a new episode every Saturday highlighting some of the best videos I've seen during the week so make sure to subscribe to my channel and show me some love back if you enjoy my work

Content Creators I Curated







Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends and if you like my work you can subscribe to my Dtube channel or follow me on Hive! This would help a lot!
Much love to everyone and always have fun!

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Hehe good work!👍 Thank you for support dtube creator!👊

It was my pleasure buddy!

amazing series you are doing here bro... kudos and thanks for your support! Greetings from Barcelona

Glad you liked it man! I always admired how awesome you look in front of the camera. Cool and happy!
Cheers from Greece!

Great job!

Thanks a lot buddy!