Piano Progress on video | Month 6 | Lithium

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I really love the concept that after a couple of months you are actually capable of playing songs all of a sudden which aren't just the kiddy songs from back in the days, but which are actually songs you and I like.


Last week I was playing some Radiohead and this week Nirvana is touching base. Although the Radiohead song sounds much more passionate, this Nirvana song was technically more challenging for me which you can also head back in the amount of mistakes I made in there. As the title says, it is it piano progress and not piano perfectness.

I am still eager to use 3speak honestly for these kinds of posts versus Dtube but as long as they do not have their Keychain or Hivesigner attached to this but filling in an active key, I just won’t. Anybody knows how the progress is around this, especially since they have great plans going on for the very near future?

Dtube to me does the trick but also doesn't for some reason, I can’t really put the finger on it. I would just love to use something with full hive integration.

Here is the walking sheet music passing by as how I see it passing by. Don’t mind the terrible vocals in the background, but it gives you a good sense of that you are actually playing with the song. I really must say that this app does have some cool different types of styles in there.

I was also playing Drake- Hotline Bling in this same chapter of the course, and that song is just broken into pieces so it is easier to play for my level, but that does not help in how nice it is to listen to. So no videos of that.

I guess with summer incoming and less lockdowns the piano will be a bit less used, but I really am trying hard to do my daily 10 minutes or at least 3 times a week 10 minutes to keep the skills up. So still more to come!

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