The Endgame To Learning; Why Experiences Are A Cyclical Process Which Is Often Crucial To Humanity (dtube version)

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We garner lessons and experiences by going through circumstances and situations in life and that's why experience is expensive, when people go through things from their point of view the lessons that learnt have become sacrosanct, unique and relatable. Nevertheless not everyone wishes to go through things sometimes we wish we can learn from the lives of others rather than experiencing these things first hand but the truth is that no one truly learns unless they see it from the point of their view.
However the unfair side of going through things is that sometimes we're not victors and when we're not victors we find it difficult to tell our stories.
Nevertheless one thing about life is that whether we lose or we win when we go through things, we're one step wiser and this should count as a positive.
In this video I talk deeply about why people find it difficult to want to experience things for themselves.

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