Underestimating The Need For Inter-Dependence. (A Life Ramble)

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Sometimes life's generally designated to allows one's incapabilities be completed by another person's capabilities that's the phenomenon of inter-depence which no matter how people try to see themselves flourishing without being adequately Completed as a result of another person's effort. One mistake people make is not being able to recognise the fact that some certain people have been essential to how they've generally thrived in their lives. In the physical it seems there are people in our lives who are surplus to requirements and we hastily push them away because we feel there are others are out who can be essentially better. We feel there are bigger adventure for us, hence we let go of people who completes us so we can open up doors to new strange people. In this video I talk about it all

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The need for interdependency amongst humans cannot be over emphasised....we all need each other. No one is an island and no can achieve it all alone. I always say it to people...No one friend can offer you all you need hence the need to have a good engagement with more people. Most times you might not know how beneficial some people are until you explore those benefits. I feel you just have to channel the energy people bring in to your life in a way that will benefit you. You only let go when you see the energy is toxic. But then don't let go too easy

Your comments are one of the best on the chain and I implore most new users to look to your comments when they want to engage.
Definitely we can't overlook interdependence and how well it often works. I lost a relationship recently simply because the other person felt I was surplus to requirements. Thanks for your great comments

Wow! I am honoured.....thanks, I appreciate.

I really don't know how to loose friends.....for me i feel loosing friends is a burden which i am not ready to carry. I just hope the friend that felt you were surplus has started realising what he or she is missing already

Well they won't, I believe the long term proves everything beyond reasonable doubt. Thanks again for the comments

Keeping an open mind when relating to people is necessary.

Definitely, thanks for the comment.

Most people leave the people they are with just because they dont know the effect of the person in their life. They then come to discover that without these people something is missing. However, going back then becomes hard. I used to have someone like that too.

It is just a cas, of you dont know what you have until you loose it.

Good read bro..

Interesting. I think it is a mistake to confuse attention with dedication. Unfortunately the crave for validation makes people be blind to what they have next to them while they get ready to prioritize a stranger for 1 sec of attention.You know, those people who have their loved one next to them, but they prefer scrolling on the phone in the hopes of a like while they ignore the very person sitting next to them. So sad. But I think everybody reaps what they sow.