Dominant 7 Arpeggio Exercise

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Unlike the Diminished Dracula chord, the Dominant 7 chord has a cartoon-like feel to the sound.
You can use them as passing chords and start songs with them.

Here the Dominant 7 arpeggio is quite satisfying to play and has an easy shape to memorize.
4 levels to play with starting at 5.36
Good luck and keep rockin.


Awesome tutorial! I'll be bookmarking this and practicing it often. I just cross posted to the guitar community.

What kind of drum machine are using for this?

Cheers Dood :)
Yeah practice often. The minor alternative is a pretty similar shape too.
I'm using a boss rc2 looper which has the drums built-in.
I highly reccomend that pedal.

Cheers man! :D

Nice stuff. A good picking exercise.


Cheers Steve. Have a good day man.
I need to learn how to crosspost.

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nicely done! and really useful!

Cheers Recording Box:)
Have a great dominant 7 day :D