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RE: Luke Is On Lifesupport! - How To Fix This??? - Please Share Your Ideas - Luke Is Alive Day 36

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I have never participated in the scavenger hunt for Luke. However, I surfed a lot of TE sites once,before. If, what we are searching for, are not found sites after sites, its really frustrating. Eventually people will move to another platform or TE sites. To bring Luke out of the life support, the person behind Luke should do something appealing or at least fix the problem what the surfers facing right now. I believe that every problem comes with the solution. So, if someone pays attention, the solution will be made hopefully.


Thanks Hafiz, so the problem right now is that there is not enough TE's and Mailers that takes part in the Scavenger Hunt, which in turn becomes a problem for the #LukeIsAlive contest since hunting for Luke in the Scavenger Hunt is the basics of participating in that contest, so something needs to be done to get more sites to take part, and I saw one post just today that picked up on this call and got on it, it's TaxiCabHits by @greensempire and I hope more will hear the call, Hunttokens are also on sale with a 75% rebate from what he said.

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