I Just Bought 10k BBH - Bitcoin Backed Hive - And Will Use It For Tipping - Luke Is Alive Day 38

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Here I talk about that I just bought 10k BBH, which is a token on Hive-engine that is maintained by Bradley Anderson, and backed by Bitcoin, and I will use it to send tips on comments and posts, plus I found Luke 1 time in BootScootinTraffic.

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Hi there and welcome to my vlog, my name is Erik Gustafsson and I go by the handle @flaxz on Hive, CTPtalk and DTube.

I Just Bought 10k BBH - Bitcoin Backed Hive - And Will Use It For Tipping

So BBH is a token on Hive-engine that is maintained by @bradleyarrow and he backs it up by Bitcoin, and I just bought 10k of them.

This token also has a faucet function that is paid for by buying new Bitcoin with Hive when BBH is sold if I understand Bradley correctly, and it allows you to tip 1 BBH for every 1000 BBH that you hold in your wallet.

I have tested it myself, and it went great the first time but then hit an issue, and it turns out Bradley had mistakenly added an extra zero in the configuration of the distribution bot, and he has most likely been able to fix this when this video is published.

So check out this token if you want, the token also has it's own Hive Community, and I have bugged Bradley to cross post the instruction posts on how it all works to it so you can find the info easily.

But as always do your own research before investing, this is just my own personal opinion after all.

Enjoy Watching The Video!

Luke Is Alive Day 38

Luke is a very alive figure, he travels around in Listopia, and you need to find him so he can help you to build your email list, it's a Scavenger Hunt from ClickTrackProfit, see the Luke Is Alive Community about how the daily contest works.

Screenshot from CTP

This is Luke in person.

I Found Luke

Today I found Luke 1 time in BootScootinTraffic after surfing 43 pages, and this is a Traffic Exchange (TE) and it is owned and run by @mamasez who makes a great job with it, look out for the white cat.

I also made a screenrecording of my surfing here and I have included that in the video above, plus the screenshots below shows the start of my hunt and then finding Luke 1 time.



In this TE I promote my LCP for the I Am Alive ebook, and the update that I have promised for it will be published once I launch my membership site, and below you can see a screenshot of my LCP.


Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post and watching the video, I hope you liked it, leave your thoughts in the coments below, and ...

Stay Awesome!

Erik Gustafsson

My profile on PeakD

This is my own personal opinion, do your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

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Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Thank you.🙏

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Hooray! It's working now!

Thank you.

Welcome to BBH !BBH 1

Thanks a lot Kimberly, and here goes another.


Command accepted!

İnteresting. This token slipped from my eyes 🙂

Thanks, yeah it is not very old.


Thanks so much :)) I will check it out asap


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Great to hear.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Ok, I'm in for 1K BBH. I like new projects and @bradleyarrow is a good guy. he's got my support

That is great to hear Craig, and I agree Bradley is awesome.


Thanks. !BBH 10

Welcome. Where do the tips show up?

I had to restart the bot. Have you tried it yet?

not yet, no

Command accepted!

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Can we test the token on my account, let's see how it works 😁

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We most certainly can, let's see if the bot is running smoothly.


!BBH 10

Thanks a lot Bradley.

Command accepted!

hello dear friend @flaxz good afternoon
I really appreciate that you shared this information, this tokkens sounds very interesting; It is true it would be interesting to know in depth how the tokkens works

I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

Thanks a lot @jlufer, and yes let's see if Bradley has the distributiuon bot up and running.


Well done completing the Scavenger Hunt Erik, you have earned 6 tickets for the daily and weekly drawing.

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@maddogmike - Game Master

#LukeIsAlive contest - win daily and weekly prizes

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Thanks a lot Mike and Team Luke.



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