Hive Hella High Hits - Sesh 1: SNOW BLAZE

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Today's Strain - Snow Blaze

I used to hold a video series on Steem called Steem Smoke Out, where I chiefed Oregon's finest herb with other Oregonians that also had Steem accounts. Today I decided to make a Hive version of this series - hence the title.


I don't know about all of you, but I have had a hella-busy couple weeks, and I now invite all of you to take a cheebah-break with me - & fire up some fire!

My buddy dropped off a literal armful of cannabis flower branches the other day, just after I had run out of cannabis for the first time in the 6 or so years since I started growing. The flowers had hermed-out (hence why they were free), so I spent some time processing and de-seeding the flowers. I could not be happier with the perfectly timed supplied abundance - thank you bro.


There are a few topics I am going to get into here in the next week, but for now I will leave you with this little video so I can get back to my chores. Enjoy!

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Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental.


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Stay tuned - into the right frequencies


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Yeaaaa boi!

Have you ever heard of Dynavap?

I recommend them to any #cannabis fan. It's now my favorite way to use flower.
If you are unaware of them, you can learn more in my blog here.

Nice, I just left you a comment on that post.

hey should I stake some hive steem to abundance.vibe?

You do mean @abundance.tribe right? I am sure we all would be grateful for support in that way, but speak with @kennyskitchen first to iron out details. Blessings!