Pre-Quarantine Adventures - Tour of Portland's Art Museum (video) & Mcmenamins Kennedy School

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Right before this viral situation occurred, we were actually enjoying our numerous excursions around the area with friends.. much needed distraction activities from my mind state at the time. I had not been posting as much then since I was devoting my full concentration to healing, and I also have not been posting much on my personal account recently either due to devoting most of my online time to the @abundance.tribe logo contest (voting for which is just about wrapped up - winners should be announced tomorrow).



All these photos were taken during our pre-quarantine time, besides the ones at the coast which were taken during this proclaimed "lock-down".









The following video includes a short but complete tour through Portland's Art Museum. I thought that since no one can currently visit this (or any) museum or art gallery, this would be a way for people to at least enjoy one at home. This museum has since cited COVID-19 as a "dramatic loss of business", and on May 4th announced pending large scale layoffs as a result (source).

Front of the Portland Art Museum
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Click link or pic below to play video tour

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Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, & honor - @ELAmental.


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