Exercising Civil Disobedience & the Right to Peacefully Assemble - on 4/20/20 - Join Us, Use your Head, Speak Your Mind

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Cannabis activists & enthusiasts have been gathering atop the summit of Mt. Tabor in Portland, Oregon for over a decade, and is widely considered a "top" 420 celebration worldwide due to its grassroots origin, and continued community support and development.The celebration has never been, and likely never will be an "official" event, as the notion of anything "official" detracts from the essence of what the event represent - our freedom to peacefully assemble - which by the way is our 1st amendment constitutional right in this country, not to mention our natural right everywhere as a human collective.

Us on Mt. Tabor on 4/20/2018
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First amendment assembly rights also extend to demonstrating support or opposition of public policy. When Portland banned smoking in public parks, the people of Portland still showed up to Mt. Tabor's summit on April 20th, and smoke away we did. This act of civil disobedience was respected by fellow non-participating citizens AND law enforcement, as a sign that other's outside our group appreciate and honor this tradition of culture we have grown with this gathering of souls. As a result, the gathering has continued every year since - last year (2019) there was even a wedding.

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With all official events banned during this time of isolation and ordered quarantine, and especially since this is 4/20/20 - this year is the most important year EVER that this gathering still transpires.

The misinformation about the covid-19 virus spread by our government and media is rampant. This is another huge demonstration of an attempt by our government to to influence us to willingly submit more of our civil liberties in exchange for protection against something that was never really a threat. The president is lying to us while trying to sell us a drug that was made for treating malaria since he has a financial stake in it - with no proven medical research dictating that it will be successful in treating covid-19, but is proven to create heart problems. The death toll numbers for covid-19 have been severely inflated and even include deaths that were not related to the virus. Bands of employees are walking out of their jobs at major fast food restaurants due to lack of protective wear and soap... it goes on.

The government has been trying to separate us more and more throughout the years, and this is by far the most literal example of them doing this... "social distancing" - a term I wish never existed - is the epitome of human separation, and not something we should tolerate to the degree that we are.


If you are a senior citizen or are protecting infant children, please take extra precautions. If you have a pre-existing respiratory condition (especially a serious one), then you are also at higher risk for an actual covid-19 fatality, and yes you should also take extra precautions. What we should all be doing is USING OUR HEADS - and that is all I am asking - along with coming to SPEAK OUR MINDS. If you are sick, feel sick, or fit any of the above categories, PLEASE for the sake of EVERYONE - DO NOT ATTEND the annual 420 Mt. Tabor Cannabis Celebration - probably a good idea even without a flu like virus going around - I will say it again, USE YOUR HEAD.

NOW - If you are a perfectly healthy adult human that is not knowingly sick in any way, and does not have any pre-existing respiratory conditions - then please join us in another year of demonstrating why community, culture, and civil disobedience is the backbone of protecting the rights we have today that our ancestors fought so hard for - and light some fat ones, while howling together with one voice for the whole city to hear - WE ARE NOT AFRAID! - @ 4:20 PM on 4/20/2020.

@ELAmental on 4/20/2019

Until then, prepare your grows, enjoy this video, and if you have not experienced the majik of this Mt. Tabor 420 gathering in the past, please... PLEASE check out the 2018 and 2019 articles I published to see just how awesome it is (both include videos). I will be publishing more videos in relation to this topic as the date for this year approaches.


Happy 4/10/20 Everybody!

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Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, & honor - @ELAmental.


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Stay tuned - into the right frequencies


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Rep the Canna shirt brother! haha. But seriously, wish i can be there to join you man. Coronavirus, or not, I would still smoke a big Cannagar with you man!

I will do my best to remember to wear it when i go up to tabor to take a video in a couple days.

This makes me not want to support canna curate any longer.

Sorry you fell this way. But let's be real here. Being on lock down, and the government deciding what is an essential business is destroying more lives then Covid-19.

According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. Source. Guess what is happening? The poverty line is growing over this! There should, and there will be outrage if the lock downs continue.

I have been bunkard down, and only going to get grocery's, and yes I am afraid to get the Covid-19. But is it because of a real threat. or is it because I am being conditioned to be this way from the government and media? I cant say. Either way, I respect everyone's decision. If you want to play it safe, thats great. If you want to go to a 420 rally, or a quiceatta, that is also ok. Who am I to say any different.

Well said brother. We are not ignorantly gathering with unwashed hands and slobbering all over each other's joints - I highly doubt there will be many pipes actually passed this year, I would imagine everyone will have their own personal stash to enjoy in a group setting... I know I am not planning on hitting other people's pipes.

Stay safe... I had the Rona... it sucked. Bad. But i guess you are free to risk it.

We should be free to, that is the point. If it was an ebola-type outbreak I would be more worried. I am glad you have recovered and are ok.

last year was fun. Not going to be able to make it this year because I can't get off work.

Well that is a good reason not to come, you are lucky to still have work - I do not. If your shift.. shifts (lol), I would love to see you there.


Feel free to yell: "WE ARE NOT AFRAID!" from wherever you are at 4:20pm on 4/20/20. Let the Earth hear our echos!

not only am I not afraid - I also KNOW in my heart that this is a hoax by the dark occult and they will NOT prevail!!!!

I would not say its a hoax as much as it is a diabolical plan to further enslave (or maybe in this case selectively annihilate) the human race... I have a feeling that this is a test run for a much worse virus to be released at a later date, which will complete their plan for reducing the population and convincing survivors to willingly submit to a one world government out of fear... Does not mean I will be afraid of this scenario however - I will instead prepare accordingly.

Yea I think it is a hoax - although if you got the flu shot it might well make you susceptable to this higher grade of flu - there is alot of evidence that viruses outside our bodies are manufactured and reinserted into our bodies in vaccines - a virus being a naturally occurring cleaner or cells in our blood - and they get ahold of them when they take our blood and then they weaponize them and put them into us when we get vaccinated - so I would say that this particular strain is geared to those who recently got the flu shot... and then there is also the theory that any "flu" epidemic has to do with the latest introduction of emfs - right now - its 5g...check out Arthur Firstenberg's book The Invisible Rainbow: Electricity and Life...

exactly!!! Agenda 21 is the prep for Agenda 2030 I am sure. It is just amazing how the whole fucking world just said "how high?" - mind-blowing. I am still living pretty close to how I was before but when I see idiots in those fucking masks I just think - HELL NO! And they can pick me out as one of the rebels for not wearing one.

@tipu curate

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Thank you.

Lets just ignore how it can spread to others who arent elderly or ill or etc then spread it to those who are elderly or ill, etc. Pee Wee's word of the day "asymptomatic". Good job not helping society. This will not help the cannabis movement. This will make you look like a bunch of stupid asses while making other cannabis and real civil rights activists look worse. Dont forget its also everyone else's natural right to protect themselves from others.

"Good job not helping society...look like a bunch of stupid asses" - please keep your disrespectful comments to yourself. This gathering means a lot to a lot of people and should not be scoffed at by people who have never even attended - no one is going up there to try and spread the virus, we are just not going to blindly follow government mandates to the point where we give up on our right to peacefully assemble especially for this one particular day. You and everyone else most certainly do have the natural right to protect yourselves from others, and you and everyone else have the option to not attend. You are free to spend the day as you wish, as are we, and you also have the right to stay away from every person that attends the gathering. What you do not have the right to do is to try and restrict us from gathering in this way if we wish. Blessings.

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