All Danimals Are Equal / But Some Danimals Are More Equal Than Others - {Modular Synth Ambient}

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Reflecting upon times when dystopian literature-informed ambient was a curiosity, not a soundtrack to our actual lives ... here is some serious juxtaposition. I had prepared an ambient patch reflective of the snowstorm blanketing Buffalo NY, but said snowstorm's lack of stopping prohibited me from taking the modular outside to shoot. Instead I shot a tranquil ambient patch as gameboy LSDJ OG and guitar shredderoso Danimal Cannon wilds out in the background.

This is more or less what my life on tour feels like a substantial amount of the time.

Patch wise, this is from my run with the Varigate + Voltage Block combo, which I found very enjoyable for making minimal techno but not necessarily as immediately useful in longform ambient. That being said, the "swooping" glides you inevitably end up exploring when VB is your only source for melodic CV are something I plan on revisiting after breaking down this video. Plaits and Clouds do work, as they do.

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