Self Empowerment Through Incentivized Creation, - D00k13 Digest

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What up my Peeps, welcome to the @D00k13 Digest!

Today I am stoked to show you a little bit about vision I have for my new site My plan is to slowly build this bad boy out, little by little, to have a working set of resources for each platform so anyone that lands on the page may find self-empowerment through incentivized creation means! Even myself saying out loud seems a little cheesy buy this is where I have been led it seems so I am going with it!

So far the page is pretty simple, I have been able to include my HIVE blog as an RSS feed which I am pleased with myself for learning. I have a decent idea of what I want, most of the tools available through Go Daddy will do the trick. Ultimately I will be able to use my page as a tool for anyone that I choose to mentor and on-board into the various things I am active with possibly catching the attention of those not previously familiar with earning crypto for blogging/vlogging 😉

In some way you could consider this my way of paying forward what I have been gifted through the platform while also expanding...

My reach beyond what I thought previously possible!!!

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