Answering Elsiekjay's Questions About My Belief In DTube

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Whatup my Peeps, welcome to the Droppin' A @D00k13 Live-Broadcast. In these streams I will be covering topics of importance and my general interest. Raw & Uncut taking you on a journey along with me wherever it is that I end up! #dailyvlog #onelovedtube Today whilke out working #SkipTheDishes I will be answering 2 questions put forwards by @Elsiekjay while we count down to the official launch of #DTube blockchain #Avalon and the $DTC Token

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Thank you very much for the feedback d00k. I do think the model DTube is pushing is far more promising than anything out there. I am more particularly excited about the ability to accumulate VP and also being able to spend it all at once if we please.
The 3rd party feature is also a great bonus, saves a lot on storage and its a great way to maximize on our content. Not sure they will have the option streaming, but perhaps they are working on that. If they do, we have a lot of niches to tap into. Which I feel will be give more value to the token and the block chain.

Cheers :)

Your welcome my dear very glad to see you bringing back the DTube snap questions! It’s a great way to get our members engaged in our future together. I have a strange position since things got so shaky for all of us I have adjusted my focus more towards myself in an attempt to not hold frustrations for anyone involved in decisions 😉

Don’t get me wrong I am excited and eager to see DTube get some spot light action, I know it will happen and those of us with DTube connections already will get to ride that wave 😉 make sure your videos on YouTube are tagged DTube so 🤑 flows our way!

As I see it DTube like OneLoveDTube is set to support individual creators not like YouTube to profit from a model which requires extortion of creators for their content while maintaining criteria and controls over what they want to create 😉 I don’t care to be youtube famous but it would be nice to not be hidden when I mention crypto or cannabis in the descriptions 🤷‍♂️

Thanks again my dear, will be doing my best to support with @onelovedtube 👍

You're right its a long time coming. I'm
just not sure how Iam going to balance working on Hive and Avalon? We will see.

Well I gave up trying to balance anything or caring if I forget to share something somewhere... I just post when I have time to where ever I remember to LOL DTube is easy though because you can post to Avalon, STEEM & Hive all at once. 😎

First live stream had no audio, redone from home 😅 ... I’ll figure this live thing from mobile out yet! Big help would be not needing to rely on YouTube 😉