Making Use Of Internet Down Time - Daily D00k13 Day 7 IAAC

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Hey guys! Today’s video is an update on my studio progression plus what I spent the majority of internet downtime creating for Meck Designs. First day sitting back in front of the studio and recording and as always playing with things as I go 😅 feels good to have a hands free setup though I do miss holding the microphone ... trade off of audio quality is worth it IMO ...

Goals Working Towards:

  • Completing Studio & BG Display
  • Small Business Distribution for Meck Designs

Trying to figure out how to cheaply hang my hats has been a bit of a headache, first attempt using wire remained wiggly no matter how I try to secure it. I have now moved to doweling which seems to be much better and I’ll be able to secure it downwards with some twine. Using a little jewelry wire around the top button they will hang at a slight angle but not slide off the pegs.

The graphics for Meck Designs took a fair amount of time but were rather easy to create. Using software I own to convert images into sketch art and Canva I was able to create a dual booklet flyer size printout the cheapest way possible ready same day. Staples to the rescue which I just had to account for the cut and bleed and edge and do my own trimming afterwards. Came out all right if you ask me with the purpose of getting those booklets into hearing aid places, having as simple graphical instruction I think will be more helpful than anything written. Time well waisted 😅

Lastly is the microphone LOL it sounds all right but man is it a ragtag set up. Using a microphone from my Wii, a microphone stand I just picked up for $20 and a pair of my fiancé's nylons as a pop filter it seems to do about right. Using software I have been able to clean up my audio but I am wondering if anyone has advice for the Reafer plugins for OBS? Either my audio is quiet or I end up with odd digital noises when catching a breathe ... I know there must be a way of filtering that out?

I have also spent a fair amount of time helping Melissa put together her shop area for Meck Designs but that will be a future video ...

Tasks For Today:

  • Mail the booklets out for Meck Designs
  • Finish hat section of my peg board
  • Purchase stockings and make a more permanent microphone pop filter
  • Custom build shelving for the Meck Designs shop area

Much to do guys but I am stoked to be sitting in-front of my rig again!!! See ya tomorrow for the One Love Curation Bonanza 8:30am 🙌

Let Me Know Your Thoughts In The Comments Below!!!

That's It, @D00k13 Out!!!

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